About Nanni Diesel

A R Peachment Ltd is proud to be associated with, and the UK & Ireland distributor for Nanni Diesel marine engines & generators.

Working closely with development teams from Toyota and Kubota, Nanni Diesel marine engines are installed in all types of vessels including commercial charter boats, yachts, professional and recreational fishing boats and ferries.

Over 3000 diesel marine engines are produced each year in the Nanni Diesel ultra modern facilities in France. All marine engines are prepared to customer specification by A R Peachment.

From it’s beginnings in Italy, in the 1950’s, the company has expanded and developed significantly. The key milestones in the company’s history are:-

  • 1952
    Nanni Diesel opens for business in Milan (Italy), initially working on the marinisation of Faryman industrial engines.
  • 1982
    Manufacturing plants were commissioned in France & Holland, where Kubota and Mercedes-based engines were marinised. Nanni Diesel acquires Renault’s marine engines.
  • 1988
    Nanni Diesel signs a major contract with MAN, and switches from Mercedes engines to MAN engines.
  • 1991 
    Nanni Diesel concentrates it’s business activity in France with the formation of Nanni Industries S.A. in the La Teste, in the Aquitaine region.
  • 1997-98
    Nanni Diesel renews it’s range of Kubota-based marine engines and adds a new 115hp turbo engine to it.
  • 1999
    Nanni Diesel expands it’s business internationally, with dealers in 24 European countries and a beachhead in the American market. With backing from ANVAR (the French International Agency for Innovation), and working in close co-operation with Kubota, the company introduced a new 130hp ‘clean’ turbo marine engine.
  • 2000
    The company reached third in the world rankings for diesel marine engines between 10hp and 300hp,
  • 2001
    In March, Nanni Diesel signed an exclusive contract with Toyota for the marinisation and worldwide distribution of turbo diesel engines supplied by the Japanese carmaker.
  • 2003
    Nanni Diesel expands it’s range with the 6.420 TDi Toyota-based, an in-line 6 cylinder 320hp marine engine and the Sail-drive Kubota-based range of marine engines applicable with 10hp to 62hp engines for the mono-hull and multi-hull sailing yachts.
  • 2004
    In July Nanni Diesel signs an exclusive contract for the distribution of the Daewoo marine engines in France, in the French-speaking countries and in North Africa.
  • 2007
    Nanni Diesel launch the new electronic Common-rail marine engines, the 100hp & 200hp.
  • 2008
    Nanni Diesel introduce the Insert Generator. Very compact, at only 125mm, it fits snugly between the engine and the gearbox and delivers permanent power of up to 4kW – 230v.
  • 2009
    Nanni Diesel launch the Hybrid Engine. Suitable for the Nanni Diesel engine range from 37.5hp to 200hp, it is available in 24v (6.8hp) and 48v (9.5hp). It is environmentally friendly with zero emissions, silent and comfortable operating in electrical mode. It fits neatly between the engine flywheel and the gearbox and requires very little maintenance.
    Nanni Diesel and the Italian company, VM Motori announce an agreement in which VM will supply four and six cylinder diesel engines which will be marinised and and distributed worldwide by Nannidiesel.
  • 2010
    The first UK Nanni Diesel Hybrid is successfully commissioned in May 2010 in a new build 56ft canal boat. The boat is powered by a N4.43 diesel engine that operates alongside the hybrid drive which is powered by a 24 volt battery bank made up from 2v cells.
  • 2011
    Nanni Diesel and Seaway unite in their on-going quest to protect the environment. Whilst Seaway’s Greenline 33 has been designed to use up to four times less fuel in a year than a powerboat, whilst being completely emission-free in electric mode, Nanni Diesel’s N4.60 with Hybrid proves an ideal match.
  • 2012
    Delphi Yachts in Poland opt for Nanni Diesel in their river cruiser whilst continuing to choose the engines for the sailboat range.
  • 2013
    Nanni Diesel introduce the T4 Evo2 series of engines which have been developed on the basis of the proven reliable Common Rail engine.  The excellent power and torque in relation to the engine’s weight and compact size translate into clear advantages, for user and boat builder.
  • 2014
    Nanni Diesel enters a partnership with John Deere.  A US company, John Deere has been developing high quality products since 1837 and Nanni Diesels latest engine range, from 150hp to 760hp is based on these John Deere engines.
  • 2015
    Following on from the success and popularity of the N4.115 (115hp) model, Nanni Diesel has developed this engine to its full potential and can now offer the N4.140, which boasts 135hp.

Nanni Diesel continues to invest in marine engines and other product development. All engines marinised by Nanni Diesel comply with the anti-pollution standards established by BSO approval for Lake Constance. The emission levels of Kubota-based engines are lower than specified by BSO Level 2, in accordance with European community standards.  Visit the Nanni Diesel website here.