Technical Talk

Below are various articles that our technical department have written over the years…

Click here to see how a Nannidiesel N4.50 (50hp) has been fitted with three alternators (1×100 amp and 2×175 amp alternators) in order to drive a 5kW inverter allowing for electric cooking.

Click here to see the Broads Authority Patrol Launch fitted with a Nanni Diesel N4.43 (43hp) and Hybrid engine.

Pre-Season Preparation -

With spring upon us and Easter only around the corner, its time to start preparing your boat for the season … Read More      

Winterisation of Inboard Engines -

When the nights are drawing in and the temperature is cooling off, it is time to start thinking about preparing … Read More      

Dealing with Engine Temperature Problems -

Temperature Gauge Problems Initially it is important to establish whether you have an overheating problem or a temperature gauge fault.  … Read More      

Choosing the right battery… -

With the introduction of higher output alternators and electronic  charge Xsplitters charging systems on boats have vastly improved.  To benefit … Read More      

Why Waste Engine Heat – You’ve paid for it! -

Turn your engine’s waste heat into useful domestic hot water with a C-Warm Calorifier.  Made in the UK and fitted … Read More      

Pump Flow Rates & Pressures -

Liquid flow rate and pressure are the basic measures of pump performance.  Flow rate is commonly measured in litres per … Read More      

Monitoring The Engine Oil Pressure -

The circulation of the lubricating oil around the engine has quite rightly been likened to the human blood circulation system.  … Read More      

Technical Questions Answered… -

Why is there a lot of noise and vibration coming though the boat, particularly from the stern end? A common … Read More      

Repowering Your Engine -

Undoubtedly some of you will have old, tired engines that need some attention and often it comes down to a … Read More      

New season…New fuel? -

As we look forward to the new season and begin the usual preparations, this is an ideal time to perhaps … Read More      

Are you exhausted at the end of the season? -

Inspecting and maintaining your engine’s system is vital. Here’s how to do it……………. Starting at the engine end, it may … Read More      

Understanding Your Bow Thruster… -

Understanding Your Bow Thruster in the Inland Waterways Market Tunnel systems provide a simple cost-effective solution and can be installed … Read More      

Boat Fuel Efficiency -

If you haven’t done before, now is an ideal time to start thinking about your boat fuel efficiency.  Not only … Read More      

The Sea Strainer Alarm System -

Alarms instantly if the Sea Strainer blocks….. Why? Marine engines are cooled by raw sea water, drawn in through the … Read More      

The Theory Behind Common Rail Engines -

The Nanni Diesel models, the T4.165, T4.180 & T4.200hp are based on common rail Toyota blocks from their rugged 4×4 automotive … Read More      

Preparation For The New Season -

After experiencing a very cold snap in winter, it will be necessary to pay extra attention to your boat, in particular the … Read More      

Issues At Sea -

Issues at Sea Regular maintenance of engines and following service schedules are of paramount importance on any craft, wherever you … Read More      

Winter Maintenance -

When thoughts turn to winter maintenance and servicing, correct preparation will ensure a successful boating season the following year.  Several different … Read More