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The ARP Integrated Hybrid System

This Hybrid System was launched in September 2021, combines with a diesel engine of up to 115HP and has been designed to ensure that it can be easily fitted to a Nanni engine initially or as a later option.

The Hybrid System is based on the principles of a generator. The motor/generator is inserted between the engine and the transmission. It has three principal functions, traditional engine drive, electric drive and regeneration. When in diesel mode the engine drives the propeller through the transmission and enables the hybrid system to re-charge the battery bank. When switched to electric propulsion mode the transmission is driven by the electric motor powered from the charged battery bank. Seamlessly integrating the diesel engine with an electric motor. A display screen provides information on the electrical consumption/recharge and remaining power.


Key Benefits

The main advantages to the ARP Hybrid System include:

  • Significant reduction in engine hours (depending on application)
  • Environmentally friendly, silent and comfortable in electric mode with zero emissions.
  • Comfortable navigation and fuel efficient in electrical mode with total control while cruising at low speeds.
  • Easy to control in electric and diesel mode with a shared single lever control.
  • Low maintenance – coupled between the engine flywheel and gearbox (No bracket adjustments, or belts)
  • Easy to switch between electric and diesel mode as required, for example, in strong winds and tidal conditions.
  • Safe – in the event of an electric drive failure the diesel engine option can still be used.
  • Propeller regeneration when sailing.
  • Reliable water cooled generator / motor.
  • Automatic recharging of the batteries in diesel mode, giving maximum cruising range.
  • 10Kw/1200rpm – 48V DC System

In traditional diesel engine mode the hybrid generator unit charges the electric propulsion battery bank

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Fig1 ARP Hybrid

In electric propulsion mode the hybrid motor unit drives the transmission via the electric propulsion battery bank

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Fig2 ARP Hybrid