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Wavestream Bilge System

A Development of World‐Wide Importance which prevents oily bilge water being pumped into the sea.
All types of boats risk polluting their surroundings when they pump out their bilges. Bilge water invariably contains fuel oil, lubricatng oil and grease which cannot be separated and is dumped into the seas and rivers of the world. Legislaton to prevent this operates in most parts of the world, and is being progressively tightened.
Wavestream ends this. Over the past seven years a new filtration system, based on XOil bonding technology, has been developed for the oil and shipping industries. XOil is a filter material which bonds with oil.
It is processed into sheet form and converted into simple filter cartridges which fit easily and neatly into the pipework from bilge pumps. So effective is XOil that each filter cartridge will absorb 3 times its own weight of oil. So efficient is XOil that even the smallest system will handle 40 litres per minute.

Wavestream Micro System

Designed for the bilges of day boats, RIBs and small sports boats or where minimal space is available, the Micro unit is easy to connect into the bilge water system, using ¾ “ BSP connections. The unit takes a space only 190mm high by 120mm diameter. Filter cartridges can be replaced in seconds.

Wavestream 1000 System

The 1000 system has a larger filter element to cope with the demands of larger pleasure boats up to 20m. ¾” BSP connections are used, and the flow rate, at 40 litres, is the same as the Micro system but filter cartridge replacement intervals double.

Wavestream 2000 System

Recommended for a large pleasure craft and commercial boats, the 2000 system will handle bilge pump flow rates up to 265 litres per minute with a 117mm diameter filter cartridge and 1 ½” BSP connections.

Wavestream 3000 System

The 3000 is designed for large commercial craft and ships. It incorporates a massive filter cartridge almost 500mm long, with significantly increased capacity. The flow rate and BSP connectors are common with the 2000 series.

Wavestream Stainless Steam

These multi-cartridge systems were born in the oil industry but can be used for even larger vessels than the 3000 system. Each unit is produced to meet a defined need. Details of the flow rates are needed to specify.

* All systems have Lloyds Approval

Filtration Systems

Wave International Ltd Filtration Systems
Main distributors for Wave International technically advanced marine filtration systems:

• Wavestream bilge filter systems
• Wavebrite waste water filter system
• Flostream drinking water filter system
• Prostream watermaker filter protection system
• Waveair holding tank vent filter system
• Waveshine wash & rinse system

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