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Please see our range of Bow / Stern Thrusters below along with links to the relevant pages on the Max Power Website for Tunnel Thrusters, Retractable Thrusters and Accessories.

How to choose the correct Thruster for your Boat

For every boat owner it is important to choose the correct thrust rating (or relative power) whether it will be a tunnel thruster or a retractable thruster. To help simplify the complicated calculations associated with the many variables in a boat design, we have designed the following charts to make your decision easier:

To use these charts there are two factors (excluding the length of your boat), which you need to determine:

1. The relative size & wind area of your yacht
For a boat of any given length, the area it offers to a direct side wind can vary from one design to another. The underwater shape & total weight can also differ greatly. However, most recreational boats, both motor and sail, will fit into one of three categories:
– Cruising
– Fast cruising
– Super fast cruising

2. The conditions in which you use your boat (thruster force required)
Different people have different uses for their boat. For example, an expedition yacht on a world cruise would have different needs to a picnic boat berthed on a lake. In conclusion, some people would like a more powerful thruster than others. If the size of your boat intersects more than one thruster on the selection chart, the choice of thruster will depend on the situations and conditions in which it will be used.

Tunnel Thrusters

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Max Power offers a full vessel manoeuvrability range, starting from tunnel thrusters to top-of-the-range retractable thrusters.Renowned for supplying high quality products, with more than 25 years of experience in designing and manufacturing marine products, there is certainly a Max Power bow thruster, stern thruster or related equipment to meet your requirements.

Retractable Thrusters

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Retractable bow thrusters are easily installed far forward in the bow whilst still achieving the required immersion depths, even in today’s modern performance sailing yachts.
This results in a thruster that has a good turning effect on the boat, often even allowing a unit with a lower thrust rating than its tunnel equivalent to be used with excellent results.

When retracted these units have no affect on the boat’s drag and therefore do not reduce sailing performance in light winds.

Furthermore, retractable thruster minimize loss of buoyancy. The weight of water in a tunnel thruster’s tube is an often neglected factor that can affect the boat’s performance. Retractable bow thrusters minimise this problem as the retractable thruster’s box only partially fills with water.


Visit Max Power to see the Full Range of Accessories

All accessories and control panels are specially designed for use with Max Power’s complete range of tunnel and retractable thrusters. Fitted using a simple hole saw cut-out, panels are easy to install and benefit from a simple and easily replaceable weatherproof clip-on cover. Each panel is complete with both male and female connectors using a reusable connection system.