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A twin propeller unit which adds a new dimension to the convenience of a bow thruster. Having two propellers supplying equal on both sides greatly increases manoeuvrability and ease of boat handling.

Made to Last
Consisting of high‐grade, durable materials, the TwinProp is made to last. The high efficiency motor supplies unrivalled thrust. The cast, balanced four‐blade propellers are exceptionally strong and highly reliable. In addition, all components of the TwinProp that come into contact with the water are made of stainless steel.

All this makes the TwinProp a piece of equipment of great technical perfection which is reflected in, amongst others; ground precision gears, special oil/water seals with stainless steel springs and a torsionflexible
rubber safety coupling with ball bearings throughout. In case of failure of one propeller the unit still allows you to manoeuvre both sides.

Superior Quality

  • All stainless steel
  • Ground precision gears
  • Special oil/water seals with stainless steel springs
  • Torsion‐flexible rubber safety coupling
  • Thin propeller blades

Easy to Install

  • Complete with operating pane & harness
  • Very compact design
  • Variable position of unit
  • Only holes need to be drilled into the tunnel
  • No electric motor, heavy duty battery or cables required


High Efficiency

  • Two symmetrical stainless steel propellers
  • Very large blade area

Low Noise Levels

  • Thin propeller blades
  • Large blade area

Technical Specification

  • 4Kw, 450—700N of thrust (45‐70Kgf)
  • Tube diameter of 185mm

This unit can be incorporated into the ARP Hydraulics Propulsion System

  1. Oil reservoir
  2. Oil cooler
  3. Oil filter
  4. Directional control valve
  5. Drive motor
  6. Thrust unit
  7. Engine
  8. Sea water pump
  1. Hydraulic pump
  2. Gear/Throttle control
  3. Hydraulic pump
  4. Directional solenoid valve
  5. Main solenoid valve
  6. Connector for thruster solenoid
  7. Electrical connector for port operation
  8. Electrical connector for starboard operation
  9. Bow Thruster