Pressurised Water Systems – Calorifiers (Water Storage Heaters)

A R Peachment Ltd are suppliers of Jabsco products catering for all necessary items required within Pressurised Water Systems including Calorifiers (Water Storage Heaters).

There is no difference between the term ‘Calorifier’ and ‘Water Storage Heater’.  Calorifier is a word borrowed from industrial process heating, meaning a water vessel containing a heat exchanger (such as a coiled pipe) through which steam or hot water passes, giving up its heat to the water contained in the vessel.  The main advantages to the Calorifier include:-

  • Safe
  • Clean
  • Silent
  • Efficient
  • No Extra Fuel Cost
  • Constant Water Temperature
  • Maintenance-free

There are two main makes of Calorifier from Jabsco:-

  • C-Warm – Made in the UK and European boat builders, C-Warm heaters are designed for use with system pressures up to 3 bar (44psi).  Maximum recommended pump cut-out pressure is 2.5 bar (psi).
    Heating time form cold is approximately 20 to 30 minutes for a full tank of hot water.  Useful amounts of hot water are available within a few minutes of starting the engine.  Polyruethane-insulated for high heat retention, C-Warm heaters are available in stock sized from 18 to 78 litres (4 to 16 gallons) with a choice of installation and control accessories. The C-Warm Compact is ideal for limited spaces.  It comes complete and ready to install and use including a.c. immersion heater, safety valve and mountings.  Capacity ranges from 18 to 40 litres, 3 bar pressure rating.  The C-Warm Modular calorifier ranges from a capacity of 18 to 141 litres to suit vessels of every kind.  Numerous options and a complete range of accessories for installation & control are available.
  • Seaward  – These American-made heaters are available in three standard sizes, complete with enamelled aluminium casing and mains voltage electric immersion heater.  Rated for use with pressures up to 5 bar, Seaward heaters can be used with pump cut-out pressures up to 4.5 bar – suitable for virtually any pump and more than enough for domestic taps and showers.  The Seaward Compact  is designed for limited spaces.  It comes complete and ready to install and use in a smart enamelled case with AC immersion heater, safety valve and mountings included.  Capacities available are 25 and 42 litres, 5 bar pressure rating.
Calorifier - CWB18h


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