Ocean Fenders

A R Peachment Ltd are now suppliers of Ocean Fenders.  Since 1985 Ocean has manufactured a unique range of Solid Fenders, Bow and Stern Fenders which are made of Flexible Integral PU Skin Foam.

Ocean boat fenders are renowned for their superior quality, lifetime performance and their exclusive & modern design.  They are regarded as the most innovative brand in the fenders market.

Ocean’s Classic is a series of ‘value for money’ boat fenders that offer excellent protection at a reasonable cost.  They are made of Plastisol PVC with rotation moulding procedure. They are also UV resistant for their protection from sunlight.  They are one-piece made, which means that no parts are attached together to form the finalized fender, and have consistent wall thickness as well.

Key Benefits

  • One piece made.
  • Reinforced by four eye beams.
  • Even material distribution for better shock resistance.
  • Made of UV-resistant PVC.
  • Can be inflated on board by using a foot, hand or electric pump, with a simple valve connector.
  • Captive valve directly attached to the fender.
  • No tools needed to open/close the valve, a coin is enough.

Standard Duty Fender – L Series

L Series - Standard Duty Boat Fender

They are one-piece made, which means that no parts are attached together to form the finalized fender, and also has consistent wall thickness. Series L are standard duty, cost effective boat fenders that are suitable for any use and any kind of boat from 10 – 40ft.

Heavy Duty Fender – H Series

Series H are heavy duty fendersH Series - Heavy Duty Boat Fender in which the rib-reinforced rock solid ropeholds in the two sides of the fender are made in such way, in order to provide extra strength and durability for the fender. They are suitable for any use and any kind of boat from 20- 50ft.

Lofrans’ Windlasses

Lofrans’, who are now part of the Lalizas Group was founded in 1966 in Monza, Italy.  For more than forty five years, Lofrans’ engineers have been dedicated to one single objective: designing & manufacturing windlasses and anchor management solutions which combine top performance, absolute safety and stylish design on deck.
Why is it necessary to install an anchor windlass?
There are two main reasons – Safety & Utility.  The anchor windlass on your vessel allows you to handle different anchoring situations, even the most critical, always under complete safety.  Every anchoring operation will be extremely simple, fast and firm under your control.  No more fear of failing to recover your anchor and every anchoring will be a pleasure.  No more heavy and complicated operations.  Installing an anchor windlass means making an investment on the safety of your crew and your vessel.
What about a Capstan?
Capstans are normally installed on the stern of the boat for mooring manoeuvres.  They are equally suitable for recreational boats, fishing and commercial vessels.  One or two captans, depending on boat size and displacement, are installed on the boat in conjunction with an anchor windlass.  Capstans are monitored by a set of foot switches, leaving your hands are free for rope handling.

Lofrans’ was the first to introduce products & solutions such as the Automatic Free Fall, the Control Box and also the “plug&play” anchor windlass “Project 1000” that are considered by the end users as a “must” for their vessel.
With a wide range of windlass models, Lofrans’ boasts an impressive line-up of products covering the needs of boats and yachts from 6 to 50m (20 to 160ft).

For a breakdown list of all spare parts, please click here.

Vertical Windlasses – X-Series & Project
The X vertical windlass range series is designed to provide anchoring solutions for sail and motor boats from 18 to 100 feet.  The X series is made up by the following models: X1, X2, X3, X3.5, X4 and X5 all available in standard version with drum and in low profile version.  The Project versions have a built-in control box within the motor casing.  All models are available in different motorisation to meet any customer’s requirements.

Horizontal Windlasses
The range if horizontal windlasses is suitable for boats from 18 up to 150 feet offering the best in performance and functionality, when there is adequate deck space of if the chain locker has limited size or accessibility.  They are simple, reliable, with their classic and timeless style making them perfect for many vessels, especially for the charter business.

The range of Lofrans’ capstans is designed for boats from 18 to 150 feet.  Capstans are normally installed on the stern of the boat for mooring operations and are used in recreational, fishing and commercial vessels.

Introducing the ARP Universal Wireless Remote – a remote control suitable for all Lofrans’ windlass models, and most other makes of 12v windlasses.

ARP WAVE – Key FeaturesWave - FB

  • One handset, with shockproof cover & lanyard.
  • Wireless robust design.
  • Single receiver.
  • Fitting instructions.


ARP DUO –Duo - FB Key Features

  • Two handsets, with lanyards.
  • Wireless compact design.
  • Single receiver.
  • Fitting instructions.


For more information, please contact us

Engine Installation Accessories

Why Fit an Aquadrive?
An Aquadrive system will reduce structure borne noise and vibration by up to 90%.  It will reduce overall noise levels by up to 75%. It will end shaft alignment problems on installation, and for ever more!

It will allow the engine to be installed flat, because the Aquadrive allows angles between the engine and the shaft.  It will ease problems when re-engining.  And it’s a gift when re-engining an older boat.

Why Fit a Sea Strainer Alarm?
The Sea Strainer Alarm alerts you in seconds if the raw water flow to the engine cooling pump is seriously reduced, or if you start the engine with the seacocks turned off.
Marine engines are cooled by raw sea water, drawn in through the  bottom of the hull and pumped through the heat exchanger.  Block this vital supply and problems follow immediately.  The water pump impeller fails most instantly and engine overheating follows.  In extreme situations really serious damage can be done.  The Sea Strainer Alarm buys you precious seconds to deal with the problem before any   damage occurs.  Impede the flow of water through the strainer, or start the engine with the seacocks turned off, and the Sea Strainer Alarm tells you instantly.

Exhaust Alert System

Marine diesel exhaust systems are designed to take temperatures of only 120°C.  The exhaust gases,    however, may reach more than 500°C.  To cool the gases, the exhaust depends on a free flow of cooling water from the engine.  This flow can be cut off by a plastic bad or seaweed being sucked into the intake, or by a problem with the water pump.  The exhaust temperature will rise immediately to around 450°C, the exhaust will overheat and may be seriously damaged.  In most situations Exhaust Alert  will warn you before serious damage occurs.

Wavestream Bilge System
A development of world-wide importance which prevents oily bilge water being pumped into the sea.
Pilot cutters, yachts, fishing boats, superyachts, patrol craft, canal boats, lifeboats, powerboats & ferries.  All risk polluting their surroundings when they pump out their bilges.  Bilge water invariably contains fuel oil, lubricating oil and grease which cannot be separated and is dumped into the seas and rivers of the world.
Legislation to prevent this operates in most parts of the world, and is being progressively tightened.  The allowable limits for oil in water discharge, currently 15 milligrams per litre, are set by the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL), under the secretariat of the International Maritime Organisation, a United Nations agency.  Wavestream ends this.  Over the past seven years a new filtration system, based on XOil bonding technology, has been developed for the oil and shipping industries.  XOil is a filter material which bonds with oil.  It is processed into sheet form and converted into simple filter cartridges which fit easily and neatly into the pipework from bilge pumps.  So effective is XOil that each filter will absorb 3 times its own weight of oil.  So efficient is XOil that even the smallest system will handle 40 llitres per minute.  So welcome is the technology that the entire BT Global Challenge fleet adopted it.  So important is the development that Lloyds Register has given Type Approval to the basic product.

Steering & Controls

A R Peachment Ltd are able to supply a wide range of steering and controls to suit any application from a variety of manufacturers, namely, Lecomble & Schmitt, Teleflex Marine and Flexball.

Lecomble & Schmitt

Founded in 1944, Lecomble & Schmitt is the only French manufacturer to offer hydraulic and mechanical steering systems for pleasure boats, fishing and work crafts.
The hydraulic steering systems are able to meet the requirements of monohull and multihull-sailing boats users and are guaranteed to be an efficient, reliable and smooth system. They are easy to install and are ‘state of the art’ machine finished in materials suitable for the marine environment. All steering systems carry a 2 year warranty and are CE approved.

SeaStar Solutions® (Formerly Teleflex Marine)
SeaStar Solutions Logo Teleflex Marine Logo
Teleflex has recently become SeaStar Solutions®
Control Cables
Teleflex made it’s mark in the marine industry and in other industries through design & manufacture of push/pull control cables. The Flexatrol flexible conduit was introduced in the 1950s and in the 60s quickly established Teleflex as the leading manufacturer of marine throttle and shift control cables for both dual and single lever systems. Teleflex TFXTREME now provides the ultmate in performance and reliability.
Cable Steering
Teleflex revolutionised smal boat steering. In 1962, we introduced the Big-T cable steering system, which used a helical cable instead of the traditional rope and pulley system commonly employed. Continual improvements throughout the 60s, 70s and 80s including a new rack and pinion steering system. In 1991, Teleflex introduced No-FeedBack steering, the first cable steering system to effectively counter torque steer from powerful outboard motors. Introduced in the mid 80s, the Teleflex pioneered tilt steering for recreational boats.


Flexball Italiana, as the name suggests is based in Orbassano, Italy.  With over 50 years of experience both in the professional and pleasure boat sector, it prides itself in continually focusing on design, production, innovation and quality improvement of mechanical & electronic cables.
Flexball is essentially a flexible linear ball bearing which transfers push-pull motion from one point to another.  Its unique design allows for the efficient transmission of movement up to 8″ with maximum efficiency and minimal lost motion.  It is available in lengths up to 65 feet and can easily be routed in three dimensional installations.  Motion and load can be transmitted over even distances by coupling individual cables together.
Flexball can accommodate complex layouts with small bend radii an still achieve an efficiency rate of up to 97%.  The stainless steel inner members of the cable assure an optimum cycle life under high bending stress.  Flexball offers a cost effective and mechanically reliable alternative to complicated rod linkages and hydraulic, pneumatic, electronic or conventional cables.
Key Features:-

  • Simplified installation means substantial savings.
  • Gives the greatest efficiency – up to 97% regardless of load.
  • Does not need any servicing or upkeep.
  • Performs well at high and low temperatures.


A R Peachment Ltd are suppliers of a variety of different makes of marine batteries.

Leoch Batteries

Founded in 1999 to research, develop and manufacture the globally renowned Leoch brand lead-acid batteries. Since then Leoch has become a leading global manufacturer and the largest exporter of lead-acid batteries in China.
Leoch manufacture the largest range of Lead Acid batteries in the world, with a product for almost every application – 2v, 6v, 8v and 12v – flooded, AGM, GEL – Flat plate, Tubular Plate and pure lead. Key applications include mobility, leisure, security, golf, IPS, automotive, electric vehicle (small & large), solar and telecommunications, motive power and monobloc.

Leoch Standards

  • All Leoch lead acid batteries are manufactured with best quality pure primary 99.99% lead (PPL). Recycled lead is not used.
  • Leoch has established a “Professional Quality Management Centre” and successfully achieved the accreditations of ISO9001, TS16949 quality management and ISO14001 environment management systems. It has also passed the OHSAS18001 audit.
  • UK’s, IEC and Germany’s VdS.
  • CE authentication of the European Union.
  • UL recognition in the USA.
  • PCT authentication of Russia.

Marine & Leisure Market Features

  • Leoch are a leading supplier of sealed SMf, AGM and GEL Marine/Leisure batteries for O/E fitment worldwide.
  • Comprehensive range of maintenance free AGM/Gel batteries fitted annually.
  • Primary Pure Lead Technology (9999) – no recycled lead results in unbeatable quality and performance,
  • Superb power to weight ratio and deep cycling capability means power, performance and reliability.
  • Full warranty.
  • Suitable for use with motorboats, yachts, canal boats, motorhomes, caravans and many other leisure applications.

Victron Batteries

Victron Energy offer two ranges of batteries, AGM and Gel.  The AGM range has very low internal resistance making them particularly suitable for high current discharge applicationns such as for inverters, thrusters and winches, as well as engine starting.  The GEL model range offer best deep cycle durability and overall longer life. 
The use of high purity materials and lead calcium grids ensure that for both AGM an GEL products have particularly low self discharge so that they will not go flat during long periods without charge.
Both ranges are supplied with M8 drilled, flat copper terminals ensuring best possible connection contact and eliminating the need for battery terminals.  Manufactured under ISO 9002 quality standards, they are compliant with both CR and UL specifications in ABS fireproof containers and come with Victron’s 2 year world-wide warranty.

Click here to view other Victron products.

Haze Batteries

Haze Marine Gel batteries deliver maximum capacity within three cycles. The tough ABS case with dual marine terminals fitted as standard makes this battery able to start your engine and run your equipment.
The Gel technology delivers cranking amps, general power and long/deep discharges without the need for immediate recharge.

All batteries in the range have a 12-year design life, low self-discharge and are manufactured to the highest standards. All active material is very high purity lead (99.9999%). Cases are flame retardant ABS with EPDM rubber venting valves. The electrolyte is analytical grade. All terminals are epoxy sealed by extended mechanical paths and have standard insert M5, M6 or M8 threads. All models comply with Telcordia SR 4228, IEC896-2, DIN 43534, BS 6290 Pt4, and Eurobat.



Pressurised Water Systems – Pipework

A R Peachment Ltd are suppliers of Hep²O Pipe System fittings.

The Hep²O Push-Fit Polybutylene pipework is easy to fit, easy to alter or adjust, long lasting and trouble free.  Main features include:-

  • Low insertion force, so that connections are easy to make, even in confined spaces or awkward corners.  High precision manufacture means the insertion force does not vary.
  • Highly flexible for tight bends, needing fewer fixings.
  • Smartpack pipe is supplied in coils, but lies straight when uncoiled.  Avoid a wrestling match!
  • Rated for continuous use up to 95° will not let you down if the water overheats.
  • Large bore fittings low resistance to flow, more pressure at taps and showers, less wear and tear on your pump, less battery drain.

Pressurised Water Systems – Calorifiers (Water Storage Heaters)

A R Peachment Ltd are suppliers of Jabsco products catering for all necessary items required within Pressurised Water Systems including Calorifiers (Water Storage Heaters).

There is no difference between the term ‘Calorifier’ and ‘Water Storage Heater’.  Calorifier is a word borrowed from industrial process heating, meaning a water vessel containing a heat exchanger (such as a coiled pipe) through which steam or hot water passes, giving up its heat to the water contained in the vessel.  The main advantages to the Calorifier include:-

  • Safe
  • Clean
  • Silent
  • Efficient
  • No Extra Fuel Cost
  • Constant Water Temperature
  • Maintenance-free

There are two main makes of Calorifier from Jabsco:-

  • C-Warm – Made in the UK and European boat builders, C-Warm heaters are designed for use with system pressures up to 3 bar (44psi).  Maximum recommended pump cut-out pressure is 2.5 bar (psi).
    Heating time form cold is approximately 20 to 30 minutes for a full tank of hot water.  Useful amounts of hot water are available within a few minutes of starting the engine.  Polyruethane-insulated for high heat retention, C-Warm heaters are available in stock sized from 18 to 78 litres (4 to 16 gallons) with a choice of installation and control accessories. The C-Warm Compact is ideal for limited spaces.  It comes complete and ready to install and use including a.c. immersion heater, safety valve and mountings.  Capacity ranges from 18 to 40 litres, 3 bar pressure rating.  The C-Warm Modular calorifier ranges from a capacity of 18 to 141 litres to suit vessels of every kind.  Numerous options and a complete range of accessories for installation & control are available.
  • Seaward  – These American-made heaters are available in three standard sizes, complete with enamelled aluminium casing and mains voltage electric immersion heater.  Rated for use with pressures up to 5 bar, Seaward heaters can be used with pump cut-out pressures up to 4.5 bar – suitable for virtually any pump and more than enough for domestic taps and showers.  The Seaward Compact  is designed for limited spaces.  It comes complete and ready to install and use in a smart enamelled case with AC immersion heater, safety valve and mountings included.  Capacities available are 25 and 42 litres, 5 bar pressure rating.

Bilge Pumps

AR Peachment Ltd are suppliers of Jabsco & Rule Bilge Pumps.  A bilge pump needs to be efficient, reliable and easy to use.  In an emergency the bilge pump may be a lifesaver.  A fast pumping rate can gain time for other emergency actions.

Main features of these bilge pumps include:-

  • Exclusive moisture tight seals.
  • Anti-airlock protection.
  • Compact, efficient, long life motors.
  • No burn-out when run dry.
  • Easy clean snap-lock strainer bases.
  • Stainless steel shafts.
  • Completely submersible.
  • Marine grade blocked wiring.
  • Rust & corrosion protection.
  • Silent & vibrationless operation.

Generally bilge pumps can be categorised into five main areas:-

  1. Manual Diaphragm Pumps  – The traditional mainstay of small craft bilge pumping systems.
  2. Electric Submersible Pumps  – The most popular type of electric bilge pump.
  3. Electric Diaphragm Pumps – Excellent for shallow bilge boats.
  4. Electric Flexible Impeller Pumps – Flexible impeller pumps make excellent bilge pumps, principally because of their ability to handle bilge debris without damage.
  5. Engine Driven Flexible Impeller Pumps – Probably the strongest and most reliable pumps produced today.

The latest submersible pump available is the AquaCharge™. 
It is versatile, portable, rechargeable and ideal for use in numerous applications.  Download the information sheet or give us a call for more information.



AR Peachment Ltd are suppliers of Jabsco Searchlights. A marine searchlight has to be capable of performing a range of tasks from locating buoys to illuminating a narrow channel and occasionally, searching for a man overboard.  With this in mind, it needs to be designed to offer the best combination of beam spread (width) and intensity (length), for both shorter and longer range work.  Typically, the spot beams a 7° beam spread as opposed to 40° on a flood beam and will consequently reach at least three times further.
Jabsco searchlight range is quoted in two ways:

  • Candlepower – a useful guide to actual light produced but does not measure the efficiency of reflector design to project that light at the target.
  • Lux – the most relevant comparison guide, this is the measurement of actual light available at a given distance.

The Jabsco range consists of both Searchlights and Floodlights:

  • Searchlights – Remote control searchlights are suitable for craft from 5m (16.4ft) upwards, and their main advantage is that they allow the light to be situated away from the helm in a position of maximum effectiveness.  Control is via an eight way joystick and a secondary remote control kit is available for most lights allowing control from both flybridge and saloon.
  • Floodlights – A range of compact, purpose designed floodlights are available, suitable for leisure, commercial, fishing & safety craft.  They illuminate deck areas or can be flush mounted in the stern to provide a wide beam spread for local area lighting.

Toilets – Jabsco

AR Peachment Ltd are stockists of Jabsco Toilets & Bilge Pumps.  Jabsco are the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of small craft marine toilets.  All toilets can be used on inland waterways, rivers, lakes or the sea, and be installed above or below the waterline.  They are designed to discharge overboard or into holding tanks as necessary.

Manual Toilets

The ever popular manual toilets have been improved even further with stronger materials, new styling and new features. They can also be upgraded to an electric toilet.  Key features of the manual toilet include:

  • Easy to install and service & maintain.
  • Simple & clean to use.
  • Exceptional value for money.
  • Two bowl sizes.

Electric Toilets

The luxury range of electric toilets are separated into three categories – Lite Flush, Quiet Flush & Deluxe Flush electric toilets. The main features include:-

  • Low noise levels.
  • Option to flush with fresh water from the boat’s own supply or with salt, river or lake water.
  • Lite Flush electric toilets have an integral rinse & waste pump system encased in a stylish housing.
  • Quiet Flush electric toilets have the pump at the rear of a narrow base and so can be installed in more narrow spaces.
  • Deluxe Flush electric toilets have domestic style bowls with all pump components hidden from view.


Hydraulics – ARP

A R Peachment Ltd is proud of it’s reputation for designing and developing it’s own proprietary range of innovative marine engineering products and solutions.  Anticipating and adapting to technology advances, increasing end-user demands and the requirement for cost-effective solutions is the hallmark of AR Peachment’s continuing success.

With an on-going committment to New Product Development,  A R Peachment continue to enhance the range of ARP products designed to give increased reliability, low cost of ownership and improved efficiencies for boat builders and owners alike.

Products available in the ARP Product range include:

ARP Bow Thruster
ARP Bow Thruster
A twin propeller unit which adds a new dimension to the convenience of a bow thruster.  Having two propellers supplying thrust on both sides greatly increases manoeuvrability and ease of boat handling.

ARP Hydraulic Propulsion Drive System
The system comprises of a remote mounted reservoir tank which gravity feeds a pump unit fitted in the rear of the main engine.  This pump pushes oil through a directional control valve which directs oil via flexible hoses to a hydraulic motor unit that drives the propeller.

ARP Hydragen Unit

The ARP 10kVA Hydraulically Driven Generator is an option which can incorporated into the ARP Hydraulic Propulsion System.

ARP Instrument Panels

A R Peachment utilises years of experience and expertise to provide a comprehensive design service  and develop prototypes for trialing prior to commencing full production runs.  Fully detailed drawings and build specifications are developed to ensure the quality and consistency of products.  A R Peachment can also offer the complete ‘Fit Out’ and assembly service.

Exhaust & Silencing Systems

A R Peachment Ltd are suppliers of Halyard (Marine & Industrial) Ltd(HMI) Exhaust Systems.  Halyard design and manufacture exhaust silencing systems for marine engines from 5hp to 3,000hp, from small sailing yachts through to large superyachts.

Why Use Silencers?
Noise is wearing and creates sea-sickness.  For the commercial operator it takes the pleasure out of work.  For the private user it turns pleasure into hard work.  Our objective is to achieve an exhaust noise reduction of around 40% with our basic silencers, 70% with our specialist dual chamber silencers, or 80% with silencers and our exhaust water separation units.

What is a marine exhaust achieving?
A marine engine exhaust system ejects the cooling water as well as silencing the engine’s combustion noise and removing the exhaust gases.  The system must create minimal restriction to the flow of exhaust gases, known as back pressure, or the engine may be damaged.

There are three main objectives:

  • To reduce noise by between 40% and 90%.
  • To cool the exhaust, and eject the engine cooling water through the exhaust without excessive back pressure.
  • To minimise the risk of water running back up the exhaust and into the engine cylinders, causing serious engine damage.

Air Conditioning

A R Peachment Ltd are suppliers of HFL air conditioning.  With over 24 years of experience, HFL is a world leader in the design and manufacture of marine air conditioning.  Success comes from their ability to supply complete packages, matching the correct components whilst offering a full service, from design stages right through to a completed boat.

The product range can be categorised in two main areas:-

Coolmaxx Compact Range
Compact, quiet range of air conditioning from 5,000 to 24,000 BTUs.  Incorporating the latest design in marine air conditioning with sleek styling and superior noise and vibration absorbing qualities.

Coolmaxx Portable
Ideal for applications where a permanent installation is either not possible or too expensive, providing an extremely efficient and cost-effective solution for instant on-board comfort.


Toilets – Sanimarin SFA

A R Peachment Ltd are stockists of toilets from Sanimarin SFA.  Sanimarin SFA supplies both the public, professional and marine industry with all their sanitary equipment needs.  The range was specially designed to ensure comfort at home and at sea, and are said to be the quietest electric toilets on the market.

The technology in a Sanimarin toilet has helped build the excellent reputation of the products worldwide.  It includes a very efficient macerator as well as a powerful sewage pump.

There are five main advantages to choosing a Sanimarin system:

  • On-board Comfort Easily replaces hand pump toilets.
  • Ecology Ideal for black water treatment with a reliable eco-friendly system.
  • Quietness Sanmarin toilets are the quietest on-board toilets available.
  • Economical with Resources Very economical, both with water and electricity.
  • Solid Built Excellent macerating system patented more than 50 years ago.

Sanimarin SFA toilets are categorised into three groups, namely Confined Areas, Classic Range and Design Range.

  • Confined Areas A small bowl, with a choice of three different flushing systems is ideal for installing in the smallest space or as a replacement for a hand pump toilet.
  • Classic Range This traditional standard height toilet range combines the quality and reliability that have given Sanimarin their undisputable reputation.
  • Design Range The new SFA luxury range adds modern and innovative design to Sanimarin’s many advantages.

Power Management – Victron Energy

A R Peachment Ltd are stockists of Victron Energy products.  With over 35 years experience, Victron Energy enjoys an unrivaled reputation for technical innovation, reliability and quality, and is a world leader in the supply of self-supporting electric power.  Their products have been designed to meet the most demanding situations faced by a diversity of craft, recreational and commercial alike, whilst also catering for many other industrial and commercial applications.  Victron Energy Inverters/Chargers fall in three categories:-

The Quattro can be connected to two independent AC sources, for example, shore-side power and a generator, or two generators.

The MultiPlus is a powerful true sine wave inverter, a sophisticated battery charger that features adaptive charge technology and a high-speed AC transfer switch in a single compact enclosure.  Models range from 800VA to 5000VA per module.

The Phoenix EasyPlus is a multifunctional system consisting of a powerful sinewave inverter, a sophisticated battery charger, a high speed AC transfer switch and AC distribution in a single light weight and compact enclosure.  The system has been designed for those who want to enjoy the comfort and freedom of a complete energy system without  spending time on the installation of separate components and difficult technical procedures.

Victron Batteries

Victron Energy offer two ranges of batteries, AGM and Gel. The AGM range has very low internal resistance making them particularly suitable for high current discharge applicationns such as for inverters, thrusters and winches, as well as engine starting. The GEL model range offer best deep cycle durability and overall longer life.
The use of high purity materials and lead calcium grids ensure that for both AGM an GEL products have particularly low self discharge so that they will not go flat during long periods without charge.
Both ranges are supplied with M8 drilled, flat copper terminals ensuring best possible connection contact and eliminating the need for battery terminals. Manufactured under ISO 9002 quality standards, they are compliant with both CR and UL specifications in ABS fireproof containers and come with Victron’s 2 year world-wide warranty

Power Management – Dometic WAECO

A R Peachment are stockists for Waeco battery chargers and inverters.

Waeco Battery Chargers
Waeco’s IUOU Battery Chargers give your batteries a longer life, prevent battery damage and provide optimum charging for all types of leisure batteries (Gel, AGM and Wet) because they charge quickly and gently at the same time. The comprehensive range covers everything from inexpensive compact chargers to professional unit for simultaneous charging of several batteries, and the main benefits can be listed below:-

  • Fast and gentle charging.
  • Suitable for all types of lead batteries (Gel, AGM, Wet Batteries).
  • High Energy Efficiency.
  • Stable Voltage Supply.
  • Safe to Use.
  • Compact Design,  low weight.
  • Easy to fit.

Waeco Inverters
The comprehensive range of inverters has been tailored to suit a variety of applications.  It accounts for all your needs – regardless if whether you “just” want a low-priced, compact unit to run your laptop, or an inverter for your microwave oven or espresso machine.  All units feature outstanding quality and a contemporary, user-friendly design.
Which inverter is the right one depends on the type and power rating of the appliance to be connected.  There are different types of Waeco inverter:-

  • Waeco PerfectPower range – provide modified output voltage.  Adequate for all appliances with a wide input voltage range (hairdryers, vacuum cleaners)
  • Waeco SinePower range – provide a perfectly stable voltage supply, which is ideal for sensitive high-tech appliances with special start-up characteristics, e.g.  audio/video devices.
  • Waeco PocketPower Smart Inverters –  designed for mobile use of laptops etc.

Cooking – Wallas

A R Peachment are suppliers of Wallas stoves & ovens.  Wallas is a top Finnish brand of products designed to withstand demanding Nordic conditions.  The key features to Wallas stoves & ovens can be listed as follows:

  • The products are safe because the fuels used are non-explosive, and combustion is controlled and enclosed, with no naked flames.
  • Flush mounted stoves and separate ovens have individual power switches, which can be positioned as required, for example, out of reach of children.
  • All models have stepless power control.
  • When cooking is going on, boiling speeds and cooking temperatures are comparable with those of home stoves.
  • Ceramic tops are easy to keep clean.
  • Combustion without naked flames means that moisture does not condense in the cabin.

Wallas cooking systems can be categorised as follows:-

Wallas 85DP
The Safeflame 85DP is designed for surface mounting and can be used with the Wallas optional gimbals mount.  This hob is operated with touch button control.

 Wallas 85DU
The Safeflame 85DU is a flush mounted hob that offers subtle styling that will blend in to most galleys.  This hob is operated with a touch button control panel.

Wallas 86D
The Safeflame 86D is the world’s first automatic diesel oven.  It features an attractive stainless steel casing, thermostat-controlled fan assisted cooking, a time and temperature display, in fact all the characteristics needed for quality cooking and easy operation.

 Wallas 87D
Wallas 87DThe Safeflame 87D combined diesel oven and ceramic hob offers all the attributes of the separate units plus providing the ability to be mounted on an optional Wallas gimbal set.


 Wallas 88DU
Super modern design. Facet ground ceramic top is all you see when stove is installed.  A red light warns if the stove is hot.


Blower Lid
This unit functions as a stove when the lid is lifted, but when the lid is closed, the blowers inside it activate and blow the heat off the surface into the cabin area.

Cooking – Dometic WAECO

A R Peachment are suppliers of Dometic & WAECO by Dometic products.  These include mobile kitchen solutions, which can be categorised into three areas:-

Cooking with Alcohol – Safe, reliable and superbly quiet
Alcohol stoves are traditionally considered as the safest way to cook afloat, because they work without pressure.  Moreover, they are pleasantly quiet and take up little galley space.  Dometic alcohol stoves have been a fixture in the market for over 25 years – appreciated for their long burning times, their functional design in non-corroding stainless steel and the wide choice of accessories.

Electric Cooking – Easy use, easy cleaning
It couldn’t be more convenient: just turn the knob or touch the button and start cooking.  Cleaning up after the meal is a breeze: Dometic electric cooktops have a scratch-resistant ceramic surface with rounded edges.  There’s a matching model for all needs – from compact built-in units to our new induction cooktops with advanced touch control.  For cooking afloat and ashore, opt for an alcohol /electric combo.

Cooking with Gas – The most energy-efficient method
A couple of years ago gas ceramic hobs arrived in domestic kitchens to revolutionise cooking.  Consuming less energy than their electric counterparts and giving precise control over the cooking power, they quickly became the first choice for ambitious chefs.



Heating – Wallas

A R Peachment are suppliers of Wallas Diesel Heaters.   Wallas is a top Finnish brand of products designed to withstand demanding Nordic conditions.  The key features to Wallas heaters can be listed as follows:

  • Silent operation.
  • Radial motors are used in the blowers, enabling maximum air flow and high efficiency.
  • Easy installation.
  • High quality ventilation.
  • All parts made from stainless steel: Long Life Cycle.
  • Extremely low emissions.
  • Easy maintenance & service.
  • Reasonable spare parts pricing.

There are three Wallas diesel heaters in the range.  The Wallas 22Dt is the latest edition to the range and is an extremely low power small diesel heater.  The 30DT Diesel Heater is remarkably silent with full power, the sound level equivalent to quiet conversation, and finally, the 40DT Diesel Heater where close attention has been paid to efficient blower effect.

Heating – Kabola

A R Peachment Ltd are suppliers of Kabola Diesel Heating Systems. Kabola heating systems can be fully tailored to suit your needs and the main features include:

  • All Kabola boilers are suitable for permanet heating.
  • Simple operation.
  • Simple & quick installation.
  • Accurate thermostat to maintain precise heating.
  • All boilers are manufactured to CE standard. For optimum safety all models have an oil leakage tray, a draught limiter and flame failure device fitted as standard.
  • Five year guarantee for faults on material and/or manufacture. One year guarantee for electrical and other components.

Kabola heating systems can be categorised as follows:-

Kabola Compact KB Series
This brand new Kabola diesel boiler is the most compact boiler to date and is highly reliable and highly efficient, whilst being environmentally friendly.


Kabola HR-Series
The Kabola HR Series is the most compact oil-fired boiler on the market.  Due to it’s clever design the noise level is minimal and servicing is very straightforward with access to the front of the boiler.  Kabola uses very high quality burners, manufactured to Kabola’ very high standards.  This means that it’s efficiency is high and the emissions are very low, resulting in a low environmental impact.




A R Peachment are stockists for Waeco refrigeration.

The CoolMatic range of compressor refrigerators from Waeco provide intensive long-lasting refrigeration for mobile applications.  Their operation is totally reliable even in tilted positions and high ambient temperatures.  They work economically, extremely quietly and on solar energy too.

The Waeco CoolMatic series can be categorised as follows:-

CoolMatic CR/CR Chrome Range
In a stainless steel look or chrome finish, the CoolMatic CR range of premium refrigerators are designed for yachts and boats.  They boast a very high-standard interior which matches that of a domestic fridge, a separately insulated ***freezer compartment and double door locking providing safety for every position.

CoolMatic CRP/CRF Range
Designed for smaller yachts and boats, as well as motorhomes the CoolMatic CRP-40 is an ideal compact yet surprisingly spacious refrigerator.  The CRF-50 freezer is compact but has a generous deep-freezing capacity and works well as a standalone but is an ideal side-by-side partner for the CR-65 refrigerator.

CoolMatic HDC Range
These jumbo-size compressor refrigerators are ideal for commercial shipping and large yachts.  Designed for mobile use they are as big as domestic appliances.

TropiCool Coolers
The range of Tropicool thermoelectic coolers boast mobility, performance and convenience. They are also great energy savers.  As soon as the power is switched on, they cool at full capacity to reach the desired temperature.  Once this has been achieved, they switch automatically to the power-save mode.

CoolFreeze Coolers
The range of CoolFreeze compressor coolers are powerful and durable, even at extreme outside temperatures.  They are as powerful as a domestic fridge but they can be used everywhere, on boats and yachts, in cars and motorhomes, even in holiday apartments and at home.

Max Power Bow Thrusters

A R Peachment Ltd are suppliers of Max Power Bow Thrusters with a range of different thrusters available from Tunnel or Retractable, Electrical or Hydraulic, Bow or indeed Stern Thruster.
Max Power began designing, manufacturing & supplying equipment in 1989, providing a solution for all, without compromising performance, safety or comfort. Max Power are now part of the Lalizas Group, who also own Lofrans’ Windlasses.

For Max Power Spare Parts, please click here.

ARP have also developed their own bespoke heavy duty ARP Hydraulic Bow Thruster, as part of their range of ARP Hydraulics Solutions.

ARP ARP Bow ThrusterHydraulic Bow Thruster
A R Peachment’s very own bespoke, heavy duty bow thruster is made from stainless steel. As a twin propeller unit equal thrust is supplied on both sides which greatly increases manoeuvrability and ease of boat handling.

Max Power Electric Tunnel Thrusters

A complete range of 12/24v composite electric tunnel thrusters to suit motor yachts and deep sailing yachts from 17′ – 85′.

Max Power Ignition Protected Thrusters
This range allows for the safe use of an electric tunnel thruster in petrol/gas engine vessels.

Max Power Hydraulic Tunnel Thrusters

Suitable for medium to heavy displacement, high windage vessels from 40′ – 85′.

Max Power Electric Retractable Thrusters

Combining the cost effective simplicity of DC electrics with the high performance characteristics of retractable units, this range is ideally suited to modern sailing yachts and super fast motor yachts.

Max Power Hydraulic Retractable Thrusters
When performance is paramount, hydraulic retractable thrusters provide a perfect solution. Lightweight, powerful, allowing near perfect weight distribution.