Cooking – Wallas

A R Peachment are suppliers of Wallas stoves & ovens.  Wallas is a top Finnish brand of products designed to withstand demanding Nordic conditions.  The key features to Wallas stoves & ovens can be listed as follows:

  • The products are safe because the fuels used are non-explosive, and combustion is controlled and enclosed, with no naked flames.
  • Flush mounted stoves and separate ovens have individual power switches, which can be positioned as required, for example, out of reach of children.
  • All models have stepless power control.
  • When cooking is going on, boiling speeds and cooking temperatures are comparable with those of home stoves.
  • Ceramic tops are easy to keep clean.
  • Combustion without naked flames means that moisture does not condense in the cabin.

Wallas cooking systems can be categorised as follows:-

Wallas 85DP
The Safeflame 85DP is designed for surface mounting and can be used with the Wallas optional gimbals mount.  This hob is operated with touch button control.

 Wallas 85DU
The Safeflame 85DU is a flush mounted hob that offers subtle styling that will blend in to most galleys.  This hob is operated with a touch button control panel.

Wallas 86D
The Safeflame 86D is the world’s first automatic diesel oven.  It features an attractive stainless steel casing, thermostat-controlled fan assisted cooking, a time and temperature display, in fact all the characteristics needed for quality cooking and easy operation.

 Wallas 87D
Wallas 87DThe Safeflame 87D combined diesel oven and ceramic hob offers all the attributes of the separate units plus providing the ability to be mounted on an optional Wallas gimbal set.


 Wallas 88DU
Super modern design. Facet ground ceramic top is all you see when stove is installed.  A red light warns if the stove is hot.


Blower Lid
This unit functions as a stove when the lid is lifted, but when the lid is closed, the blowers inside it activate and blow the heat off the surface into the cabin area.