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CT 45 – Main Features

• Patented composite drive legs
• Zero maintenance
• Case hardened spiro-conical gears
• Line shields
• Purpose-built DC motors
• Electronic control boxes for unrivaled safety features
• Safe, high-power connections
• Purpose-built DC contactors with high specification


CT 45 Electric Tunnel Thruster

Product Information

The CT45 is ideal for motor boats and deep footed sailing yachts ranging from 19’-36′. Manufactured using composite materials, the CT45 has a 125mm diameter tunnel.

As small and compact as the CT35, the CT45 benefits from an increased thrust rating up to 40/88 (kg/lbs) thanks to its twin propellers. Easy to install and maintenance free, this model integrates all the unique features common to Max Power’s electric tunnel thrusters.

Technical Information

31760312V39(kg) / 88(lbs)23.23(kw) / 4.3(hp)9.65(kg)190(mm)140(mm)210(mm)125(mm)4 - 5(mm)