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Description Diesel Engine
Base Engine Kubota
HP 85
Cylinders 4
Max RPM 2800
Displacement (Litres) 3,053
Weight (KG) 350


Engine Specifications Sheet N4.85-Specifications
User Manual User Manual N4.85
Line Drawing 5.280HE TM345A
Line Drawing 2 N4.85 TM931
Line Drawing 3 N4.85 ZF25A
Wiring Diagram WD N4.85 NEW KTP12110176

The N4.85 offers high power, low noise, superior endurance and above all, reliability.  This engine’s design has ensured it as a preferred power choice for a wide range of heavy duty applications.

Unique cylinder block allowing for maximum displacement (cc) within a compact design, ideal for space critical applications.

The N4.85 is equipped with the E-CDIS injection system featuring a central injector and four valves per cylinder achieving low noise & vibration levels.

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