Description Diesel Engine
Base Engine Toyota
HP 165
Cylinders 4
Max RPM 3400
Displacement (Litres) 2,982
Weight (KG) 362


Engine Specifications Sheet T4.165 Specification Sheet
User Manual User Manual T4.165 T4.180 T4.200
Line Drawing T4.165 TTM40A
Line Drawing 2 T4.165 ZF45A
Wiring Diagram Wiring Diagram T4.200 T4.180 T4.165
Wiring Diagram 2 WD T4.165 NEW TYC11120042

The T4.165 is based on the common rail direct fuel injection technology which has been used on the 4×4 Land Cruiser.
Handling your boat equipped with this engine is a breeze. High torque at low rpm ensure a faster hole-shot and stunning acceleration. The low rated speed of 3400 enables you to cruise at comfortably low rpm’s, reducing sound levels and fuel consumption. With this engine you can count on the most dynamic motorisation with plenty of reserve for all situations.
The T4.165 mounting pattern is identical to the previous generation of four cylinder Toyota engines, yet it is designed to fit into the smallest engine compartments. Equipped with a hydraulic gearbox, the engine handles smooth and quiet while manoeuvring. This transmission can optionally be equipped with a trolling valve, which will allow you to adapt the boat speed to your fishing needs.
This engine employs a common rail fuel injection system which equates to high torque and great fuel efficiency. The fuel rail maintains the fuel under constant, high pressure allowing very responsive and accurate fuel injection under any condition.
The common rail system combined with 4-valve cylinder heads and two balancing shafts results in unprecedented smoothness providing very quiet and virtually vibration-free propulsion comfort.
The engine complies with the most stringent emission regulations in the world: EU-RCD, US-EPA and BSO.

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