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Dual Outlet Pumps

Depending on its implementation, the flange on a dual outlet pump makes it possible to:

  • install two steering stations with no need of T-fittings, hence reducing the number of crimps and the risks of leakage. This also applies to one steering station and a power pack for autopilot.
  • add a second steering station or a power pack for autopilot without intervention on the existing piping.
  • select the pump outlets (vertical or horizontal) and the types of fittings (straight or elbows) depending on the space available.
  • reduce the cost of the installation by eliminating the set of T-fittings and the time required for crimping.

Dual outlet pumps are supplied with two interchangeable blank plugs.

23 to 35 CT HB DS

Dual Outlet Pumps 23-29-35 CT-HB-DS

20 to 50 HB DS

Dual Outlet Pumps 20-26-30-35-40-50 HB DS