Engine Installation Accessories

Why Fit an Aquadrive?
An Aquadrive system will reduce structure borne noise and vibration by up to 90%.  It will reduce overall noise levels by up to 75%. It will end shaft alignment problems on installation, and for ever more!

It will allow the engine to be installed flat, because the Aquadrive allows angles between the engine and the shaft.  It will ease problems when re-engining.  And it’s a gift when re-engining an older boat.

Why Fit a Sea Strainer Alarm?
The Sea Strainer Alarm alerts you in seconds if the raw water flow to the engine cooling pump is seriously reduced, or if you start the engine with the seacocks turned off.
Marine engines are cooled by raw sea water, drawn in through the  bottom of the hull and pumped through the heat exchanger.  Block this vital supply and problems follow immediately.  The water pump impeller fails most instantly and engine overheating follows.  In extreme situations really serious damage can be done.  The Sea Strainer Alarm buys you precious seconds to deal with the problem before any   damage occurs.  Impede the flow of water through the strainer, or start the engine with the seacocks turned off, and the Sea Strainer Alarm tells you instantly.

Exhaust Alert System

Marine diesel exhaust systems are designed to take temperatures of only 120°C.  The exhaust gases,    however, may reach more than 500°C.  To cool the gases, the exhaust depends on a free flow of cooling water from the engine.  This flow can be cut off by a plastic bad or seaweed being sucked into the intake, or by a problem with the water pump.  The exhaust temperature will rise immediately to around 450°C, the exhaust will overheat and may be seriously damaged.  In most situations Exhaust Alert  will warn you before serious damage occurs.

Wavestream Bilge System
A development of world-wide importance which prevents oily bilge water being pumped into the sea.
Pilot cutters, yachts, fishing boats, superyachts, patrol craft, canal boats, lifeboats, powerboats & ferries.  All risk polluting their surroundings when they pump out their bilges.  Bilge water invariably contains fuel oil, lubricating oil and grease which cannot be separated and is dumped into the seas and rivers of the world.
Legislation to prevent this operates in most parts of the world, and is being progressively tightened.  The allowable limits for oil in water discharge, currently 15 milligrams per litre, are set by the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL), under the secretariat of the International Maritime Organisation, a United Nations agency.  Wavestream ends this.  Over the past seven years a new filtration system, based on XOil bonding technology, has been developed for the oil and shipping industries.  XOil is a filter material which bonds with oil.  It is processed into sheet form and converted into simple filter cartridges which fit easily and neatly into the pipework from bilge pumps.  So effective is XOil that each filter will absorb 3 times its own weight of oil.  So efficient is XOil that even the smallest system will handle 40 llitres per minute.  So welcome is the technology that the entire BT Global Challenge fleet adopted it.  So important is the development that Lloyds Register has given Type Approval to the basic product.