Description Inboard Diesel
Base Engine Kubota
HP 21
Cylinders 3
Max RPM 3600
Displacement (Litres) 0,719
Weight (KG) 106


Engine Specifications Sheet Leaflet N3.21 ENG July 2017
User Manual User Manual N2.10 N2.14 N3.21 NEW VERSION Aug 13
Line Drawing N3.21 TMC401
Line Drawing 2 N3.21 TTMC35A
Sail Drive N3.21 Saildrive SD10
Wiring Diagram Wiring Diagram N2.10 N2.14 N3.21
Wiring Diagram 2 WD N3.21 NEW KTC12061982

This Kubota based engine combines high quality and reliability with the latest diesel technology.

The N3.21 is a two cylinder engine with a low speed of 3600rpm and optimised flywheel ensuring low levels of noise & vibration.  The ultra compact marinisation make the N3.21 an ideal choice when replacing older twin cylinder engines.

Kubota’s proprietary TVCS (Three Vortex Combustion System) obtains an optimum air/fuel mixture by generating three intense swirling air flows (vortexes) within the spherical-combustion (swirl) chamber.  E-TVCS produces far less soot, HC and CO thanks to a better match between the injection nozzle throat and the concave recess on the piston head.  The injection pump and nozzle are better matched with the combustion chamber to reduce NOx emissions.

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