Description Inboard Diesel
Base Engine Kubota
HP 115
Cylinders 4
Max RPM 2600
Displacement (Litres) 3,769
Weight (KG) 378


Engine Specifications Sheet Leaflet N4.115 ENG April 2017
User Manual User Manual N4.115
Line Drawing N4.115 TM345A
Line Drawing 2 N4.115 TTM40A
Line Drawing 3 N4.115 TM93
Line Drawing 4 N4.115 ZF45A
Wiring Diagram Wiring Diagram N4-115 Std

This Kubota based engine combines high quality and reliability with the latest diesel technology.  Kubota’s new DI version of the V3 series incorporates a new four-valve per cylinder head with a new injection system, the E-CDIS.  This system, with an injector located in the centre of each cylinder, drastically improved fuel efficiency.

Thanks to the maximum torque at only 1600rpm, the N4.115 gives an exceptionally low level of noise & vibration.

The half float structured head cover successfully reduces the radiating noise from the upper part of the engine.  Moreover, the MoS2 coated piston and the three step open thermostat help reduce piston slap by optimising piston/cylinder wall clearance as the engine coolant comes up to temperature.  The built-in twin balancer helps to reduce vibration even further.

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