Description Inboard Diesel
Base Engine Toyota
HP 230
Cylinders 4
Max RPM 3600
Displacement (Litres) 2,982
Weight (KG) 350


Engine Specifications Sheet Leaflet T4.230 ENG April 2017
Installation Drawing Installation Drawing T4 Evo2
User Manual User Manual T4.230 T4.270

The new T4 Evo2 series engines have been developed on the basis of the proven reliable common rail engine which
is used on several Toyota four-wheel drive vehicles. The excellent power and torque in relation to the engines
weight and compact size translate into clear advantages, for user and boat-builder.
Built with ratings specifically designed for marine applications, these engines deliver their torque at low rpm
ensuring the boat lifts from the water and onto the plane quickly.
The characteristics of this engine series provides a serious solution to various sectors. From those looking to
re-power high speed petrol units or replace obsolete diesel engines. They will also interest new planing/semi-
planing displacement boat builders/designers looking for maximum torque/power with the most efficient fuel
The T4 Evo2 engines are also intended to be SOLAS certified to power fast rescue and patrol boat, either with
Shaft Line, Stern Drive or Water Jet propulsion system.
Thanks to both the remarkable features and reliability of the Toyota engine base and Nanni’s expertise regarding
marine applications, these engines are made to fulfil the needs of reliability, low maintenance costs and ease of
use, while observing the strict requirements of the SOLAS certification related to marine engines.
The SOLAS engines are based on standard engines equipped with special devices to be able to meet the SOLAS
requirements such as the capability to endure vessel capsizing without any mechanical damage and allow immediate
starting in low temperature.

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