Exhaust & Silencing Systems

A R Peachment Ltd are suppliers of Halyard (Marine & Industrial) Ltd(HMI) Exhaust Systems.  Halyard design and manufacture exhaust silencing systems for marine engines from 5hp to 3,000hp, from small sailing yachts through to large superyachts.

Why Use Silencers?
Noise is wearing and creates sea-sickness.  For the commercial operator it takes the pleasure out of work.  For the private user it turns pleasure into hard work.  Our objective is to achieve an exhaust noise reduction of around 40% with our basic silencers, 70% with our specialist dual chamber silencers, or 80% with silencers and our exhaust water separation units.

What is a marine exhaust achieving?
A marine engine exhaust system ejects the cooling water as well as silencing the engine’s combustion noise and removing the exhaust gases.  The system must create minimal restriction to the flow of exhaust gases, known as back pressure, or the engine may be damaged.

There are three main objectives:

  • To reduce noise by between 40% and 90%.
  • To cool the exhaust, and eject the engine cooling water through the exhaust without excessive back pressure.
  • To minimise the risk of water running back up the exhaust and into the engine cylinders, causing serious engine damage.