Nanni Diesel Generators

Suitable for both pleasure and commercial applications, the Nanni Diesel marine gensets from state of the art technology combining reliability, smooth performance and fuel efficiency.  Designed for both occasional or more intense use, they are equipped with an automatic stop system in case of oil pressure failure or an abnormal increase in the temperature with the cooling system.

The engines used for the gensets (except the QMF 3.5M) are all equipped with the Nanni Compact Cooling® system, allowing for maximum life span and perfect running.

Gensets with Sound Shield
In order to minimise noise as much as possible the QMF and QMS gensets are available with a sound shield enclosure, which allows them to reach a threshold of 54dB at 7 metres – that’s the equivalent to the noise of a dishwasher.  The shield neatly emcompasses all connections whilst remaining easily accessible due to the light and removable panels.
All QMS gensets have a rotation speed of 1500rpm.  This means that not only are noise and vibration levels, the friction and wear is greatly reduced.

Gensets without Sound Shield
Light and compact, yet robust, the QLS range of Nanni Diesel Gensets are designed for heavy use.
Uninterrrupted stability is guaranteed whatever the conditions and whatever the appliance.  Using the latest alternator technology ensures reliable equipment, alongside compliancy to the most stringent regulations.