Heating – Kabola

A R Peachment Ltd are suppliers of Kabola Diesel Heating Systems. Kabola heating systems can be fully tailored to suit your needs and the main features include:

  • All Kabola boilers are suitable for permanet heating.
  • Simple operation.
  • Simple & quick installation.
  • Accurate thermostat to maintain precise heating.
  • All boilers are manufactured to CE standard. For optimum safety all models have an oil leakage tray, a draught limiter and flame failure device fitted as standard.
  • Five year guarantee for faults on material and/or manufacture. One year guarantee for electrical and other components.

Kabola heating systems can be categorised as follows:-

Kabola Compact KB Series
This brand new Kabola diesel boiler is the most compact boiler to date and is highly reliable and highly efficient, whilst being environmentally friendly.


Kabola HR-Series
The Kabola HR Series is the most compact oil-fired boiler on the market.  Due to it’s clever design the noise level is minimal and servicing is very straightforward with access to the front of the boiler.  Kabola uses very high quality burners, manufactured to Kabola’ very high standards.  This means that it’s efficiency is high and the emissions are very low, resulting in a low environmental impact.