Heating – Wallas

A R Peachment are suppliers of Wallas Diesel Heaters.   Wallas is a top Finnish brand of products designed to withstand demanding Nordic conditions.  The key features to Wallas heaters can be listed as follows:

  • Silent operation.
  • Radial motors are used in the blowers, enabling maximum air flow and high efficiency.
  • Easy installation.
  • High quality ventilation.
  • All parts made from stainless steel: Long Life Cycle.
  • Extremely low emissions.
  • Easy maintenance & service.
  • Reasonable spare parts pricing.

There are three Wallas diesel heaters in the range.  The Wallas 22Dt is the latest edition to the range and is an extremely low power small diesel heater.  The 30DT Diesel Heater is remarkably silent with full power, the sound level equivalent to quiet conversation, and finally, the 40DT Diesel Heater where close attention has been paid to efficient blower effect.


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