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Flexible Tubes for crimp connections

Only the sole use of LS flexible tubes in Ø6, Ø8 or Ø10 mm will guarantee the global performances and safe use of LS steering systems.

Hydraulic Flexible Tubes

Per Meter220081022000242200070
8 Meters12042671204986
10 Meters12042681204825
12 Meters12047401204742
13 Meters1204743
15 Meters1202887
16 Meters1204741
20 Meters1205245
25 Meters1204985
35 Meters12053011205300
50 Meters12072231207145
100 Meters120722912072301207231
400 Meters12053591205360
400 Meters (on reel)12070241207025

Flexible Tubes with Pre-crimped Connections

High pressure flexible tubes of various lengths with pre-crimped connections of various kinds (several diameters, straight fittings, 90° elbow fittings). Stainless steel fittings available.

A few references in 10 L:
1290013Flexible tube R1T8 lg 500 Ø 2 x EFT10L
1290023Flexible tube R1T8 lg 1000 Ø 2 x EFT10L
1290025Flexible tube R1T8 lg 1500 Ø 2 x EFT10L
1290027Flexible tube R1T8 lg 2000 Ø 2 x EFT10L
1290117Flexible tube R1T8 lg 3000 Ø 2 x EFT10L

Flexible tube R1T8

A few references in 12 L:
1290042Flexible tube R1T12 lg 500 Ø 2 x EFT12L
1290052Flexible tube R1T12 lg 1000 Ø 2 x EFT12L
1290054Flexible tube R1T12 lg 1500 Ø 2 x EFT12L
1290056Flexible tube R1T12 lg 2000 Ø 2 x EFT12L
1290130Flexible tube R1T12 lg 3000 Ø 2 x EFT12L

Flexible Tube R1T10

A few references in 15 L:
1290385Flexible tube R1T13 lg 500 Ø 2 x EFT15L
1290376Flexible tube R1T13 lg 1000 Ø 2 x EFT15L
1290387Flexible tube R1T13 lg 2000 Ø 2 x EFT15L
1290378056Flexible tube R1T13 lg 2500 Ø 2 x EFT15L

Flexible Tube

A few references in 12 L:
1290077Flexible tube R1T16 lg 500 Ø 2 x EFT18L
1290087Flexible tube R1T16 lg 1000 Ø 2 x EFT18L
1290089Flexible tube R1T16 lg 1500 Ø 2 x EFT18L
1290091Flexible tube R1T16 lg 2000 Ø 2 x EFT18L
1290112Flexible tube R1T16 lg 3000 Ø 2 x EFT18L