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Side-Mounted Steering – Maxi Motor Power 175 HP

Standard Kit

2200948Pump 26 HB with lock valve
2200196 Cylinder VHM 28 ST HB
2200021Set of elbow pump fittings
2200022Set of elbow pump fittings G1-4
22000248 metres of flexible tube Ø 8

Dimension Drawings

2200196 Cylinder VHM 28 ST HBR
Weight : 1.1 Kg
2200196 Dimension Drawing

2200948 Pump 26 HB with lock valve
Weight : 2.8 kg
2200948 Dimension Drawing

We have a full range of accessories including:

  • Tie Rods for Outboard Steering
  • Equipped Grease Nipple
  • LS Speedy Purge
  • Adapter Kit for Honda Motors
  • Pump Bezel
  • Set of Fitting for Evirude E-TEC G2
  • Cut Back Bracket for LS Cylinder VHM 125/175/225 HP
  • VHM 80/125 HP Set of Bullhorns for Suzuki
  • Bulkhead Strain Relief
  • Sets of Fittings for Flexible Tubes
  • Sets of Straight Fittings for Inflexible Tubes
  • Sets of Tees Flexible Tubes
  • Sets of Tees for Inflexible Tubes
  • Fittings for Flexible Tubes
  • Flexible Tubes for Crimp Connections
  • Flexible Tubes with pre-crimped Fittings + Bulk Strain Relief
  • Steering Wheels
  • Separators without non disposable filter