Hydraulics – ARP

A R Peachment Ltd is proud of it’s reputation for designing and developing it’s own proprietary range of innovative marine engineering products and solutions.  Anticipating and adapting to technology advances, increasing end-user demands and the requirement for cost-effective solutions is the hallmark of AR Peachment’s continuing success.

With an on-going committment to New Product Development,  A R Peachment continue to enhance the range of ARP products designed to give increased reliability, low cost of ownership and improved efficiencies for boat builders and owners alike.

Products available in the ARP Product range include:

ARP Bow Thruster
ARP Bow Thruster
A twin propeller unit which adds a new dimension to the convenience of a bow thruster.  Having two propellers supplying thrust on both sides greatly increases manoeuvrability and ease of boat handling.

ARP Hydraulic Propulsion Drive System
The system comprises of a remote mounted reservoir tank which gravity feeds a pump unit fitted in the rear of the main engine.  This pump pushes oil through a directional control valve which directs oil via flexible hoses to a hydraulic motor unit that drives the propeller.

ARP Hydragen Unit

The ARP 10kVA Hydraulically Driven Generator is an option which can incorporated into the ARP Hydraulic Propulsion System.

ARP Instrument Panels

A R Peachment utilises years of experience and expertise to provide a comprehensive design service  and develop prototypes for trialing prior to commencing full production runs.  Fully detailed drawings and build specifications are developed to ensure the quality and consistency of products.  A R Peachment can also offer the complete ‘Fit Out’ and assembly service.