New SX Range of Windlass from Lofrans

• Watertight stainless steel ball bearings in the base, in order
to have maintenance-free top performance functionality.
• Clutch consisting of two conical discs, fitted on to the main
shaft by two flat parallel planes on the shaft, thus avoiding the
use of keys and spreading the load on a wider surface.
• The X series as standard is provided with a pre-fitted sensor
in the base and a magnet in the Gypsy, in order to be connected
to an optional chain counter system.
• Models X1, X2 and X3 have a Gypsy designed to manage both
rope and chain
• Independent drum rotation from Gypsy, for warping operation.
• Manual override, enabling the windlass to recover the chain
and anchor in the event of electrical failure. The manual override
mechanism is within the gearbox, made up by a spring loaded
ratchet, whose secondary function is to provide a safety mechanism
so that chain jams do not damage the deck.