Ocean Fenders

A R Peachment Ltd are now suppliers of Ocean Fenders.  Since 1985 Ocean has manufactured a unique range of Solid Fenders, Bow and Stern Fenders which are made of Flexible Integral PU Skin Foam.

Ocean boat fenders are renowned for their superior quality, lifetime performance and their exclusive & modern design.  They are regarded as the most innovative brand in the fenders market.

Ocean’s Classic is a series of ‘value for money’ boat fenders that offer excellent protection at a reasonable cost.  They are made of Plastisol PVC with rotation moulding procedure. They are also UV resistant for their protection from sunlight.  They are one-piece made, which means that no parts are attached together to form the finalized fender, and have consistent wall thickness as well.

Key Benefits

  • One piece made.
  • Reinforced by four eye beams.
  • Even material distribution for better shock resistance.
  • Made of UV-resistant PVC.
  • Can be inflated on board by using a foot, hand or electric pump, with a simple valve connector.
  • Captive valve directly attached to the fender.
  • No tools needed to open/close the valve, a coin is enough.

Standard Duty Fender – L Series

L Series - Standard Duty Boat Fender

They are one-piece made, which means that no parts are attached together to form the finalized fender, and also has consistent wall thickness. Series L are standard duty, cost effective boat fenders that are suitable for any use and any kind of boat from 10 – 40ft.

Heavy Duty Fender – H Series

Series H are heavy duty fendersH Series - Heavy Duty Boat Fender in which the rib-reinforced rock solid ropeholds in the two sides of the fender are made in such way, in order to provide extra strength and durability for the fender. They are suitable for any use and any kind of boat from 20- 50ft.


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