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The design of this product allows for a very smooth steering feel.
The use of a brushless motor which is only activated when needed, ensures minimal noise generation and lower electric consumption.

The power pack integrates the autopilot functionality and is compatible with the various market players. Owing to its compact size and simplicity of installation, it can be adapted as an add-on to most existing hydraulic steering systems.

Standard Kit

22009501 pump 30 HB-CAR with lock valve
22038001 power pack unit 3 l/mn 12 V
(Available in 24 Volt upon request)
22035741 cylinder VHM 3500 HP + s/steel fittings
22038561 connection kit

Dimension Drawings

2200950 Pump 30 HB-CAR with lock valve
2200950 Dimension Drawing

2203800 Power pack unit 3 l mn 12 V
2203800 Dimension Drawing

2203574 Cylinder VHM 3500 HP S-Steel Fittings
2203574 Dimension Drawing

We have a full range of accessories including:

  • Tie Rods for Outboard Steering
  • Equipped Grease Nipple
  • LS Speedy Purge
  • Adapter Kit for Honda Motors
  • Pump Bezel
  • Set of Fitting for Evirude E-TEC G2
  • Cut Back Bracket for LS Cylinder VHM 125/175/225 HP
  • VHM 80/125 HP Set of Bullhorns for Suzuki
  • Bulkhead Strain Relief
  • Sets of Fittings for Flexible Tubes
  • Sets of Straight Fittings for Inflexible Tubes
  • Sets of Tees Flexible Tubes
  • Sets of Tees for Inflexible Tubes
  • Fittings for Flexible Tubes
  • Flexible Tubes for Crimp Connections
  • Flexible Tubes with pre-crimped Fittings + Bulk Strain Relief
  • Steering Wheels
  • Separators without non disposable filter