Power Management – Dometic WAECO

A R Peachment are stockists for Waeco battery chargers and inverters.

Waeco Battery Chargers
Waeco’s IUOU Battery Chargers give your batteries a longer life, prevent battery damage and provide optimum charging for all types of leisure batteries (Gel, AGM and Wet) because they charge quickly and gently at the same time. The comprehensive range covers everything from inexpensive compact chargers to professional unit for simultaneous charging of several batteries, and the main benefits can be listed below:-

  • Fast and gentle charging.
  • Suitable for all types of lead batteries (Gel, AGM, Wet Batteries).
  • High Energy Efficiency.
  • Stable Voltage Supply.
  • Safe to Use.
  • Compact Design,  low weight.
  • Easy to fit.

Waeco Inverters
The comprehensive range of inverters has been tailored to suit a variety of applications.  It accounts for all your needs – regardless if whether you “just” want a low-priced, compact unit to run your laptop, or an inverter for your microwave oven or espresso machine.  All units feature outstanding quality and a contemporary, user-friendly design.
Which inverter is the right one depends on the type and power rating of the appliance to be connected.  There are different types of Waeco inverter:-

  • Waeco PerfectPower range – provide modified output voltage.  Adequate for all appliances with a wide input voltage range (hairdryers, vacuum cleaners)
  • Waeco SinePower range – provide a perfectly stable voltage supply, which is ideal for sensitive high-tech appliances with special start-up characteristics, e.g.  audio/video devices.
  • Waeco PocketPower Smart Inverters –  designed for mobile use of laptops etc.