Pressurised Water Systems – Pipework

A R Peachment Ltd are suppliers of Hep²O Pipe System fittings.

The Hep²O Push-Fit Polybutylene pipework is easy to fit, easy to alter or adjust, long lasting and trouble free.  Main features include:-

  • Low insertion force, so that connections are easy to make, even in confined spaces or awkward corners.  High precision manufacture means the insertion force does not vary.
  • Highly flexible for tight bends, needing fewer fixings.
  • Smartpack pipe is supplied in coils, but lies straight when uncoiled.  Avoid a wrestling match!
  • Rated for continuous use up to 95° will not let you down if the water overheats.
  • Large bore fittings low resistance to flow, more pressure at taps and showers, less wear and tear on your pump, less battery drain.