A R Peachment are stockists for Waeco refrigeration.

The CoolMatic range of compressor refrigerators from Waeco provide intensive long-lasting refrigeration for mobile applications.  Their operation is totally reliable even in tilted positions and high ambient temperatures.  They work economically, extremely quietly and on solar energy too.

The Waeco CoolMatic series can be categorised as follows:-

CoolMatic CR/CR Chrome Range
In a stainless steel look or chrome finish, the CoolMatic CR range of premium refrigerators are designed for yachts and boats.  They boast a very high-standard interior which matches that of a domestic fridge, a separately insulated ***freezer compartment and double door locking providing safety for every position.

CoolMatic CRP/CRF Range
Designed for smaller yachts and boats, as well as motorhomes the CoolMatic CRP-40 is an ideal compact yet surprisingly spacious refrigerator.  The CRF-50 freezer is compact but has a generous deep-freezing capacity and works well as a standalone but is an ideal side-by-side partner for the CR-65 refrigerator.

CoolMatic HDC Range
These jumbo-size compressor refrigerators are ideal for commercial shipping and large yachts.  Designed for mobile use they are as big as domestic appliances.

TropiCool Coolers
The range of Tropicool thermoelectic coolers boast mobility, performance and convenience. They are also great energy savers.  As soon as the power is switched on, they cool at full capacity to reach the desired temperature.  Once this has been achieved, they switch automatically to the power-save mode.

CoolFreeze Coolers
The range of CoolFreeze compressor coolers are powerful and durable, even at extreme outside temperatures.  They are as powerful as a domestic fridge but they can be used everywhere, on boats and yachts, in cars and motorhomes, even in holiday apartments and at home.