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AR Peachment Ltd are suppliers of Jabsco Searchlights. A marine searchlight has to be capable of performing a range of tasks from locating buoys to illuminating a narrow channel and occasionally, searching for a man overboard. With this in mind, it needs to be designed to offer the best combination of beam spread (width) and intensity (length), for both shorter and longer range work. Typically, the spot beams a 7° beam spread as opposed to 40° on a flood beam and will consequently reach at least three times further.
Jabsco searchlight range is quoted in two ways:

  • Candlepower – a useful guide to actual light produced but does not measure the efficiency of reflector design to project that light at the target.
  • Lux – the most relevant comparison guide, this is the measurement of actual light available at a given distance.

The Jabsco range consists of both  Searchlights and Floodlights:

  • Searchlights – Remote control searchlights are suitable for craft from 5m (16.4ft) upwards, and their main advantage is that they allow the light to be situated away from the helm in a position of maximum effectiveness.  Control is via an eight way joystick and a secondary remote control kit is available for most lights allowing control from both flybridge and saloon.
  • Floodlights – A range of compact, purpose designed floodlights are available, suitable for leisure, commercial, fishing & safety craft.  They illuminate deck areas or can be flush mounted in the stern to provide a wide beam spread for local area lighting.


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