Service & Warranty

Below is an example of a plate found on the bell housing on each engine.
Nanni Diesel Engine Plate

  • TYP = Refers to the engine model.  In this case the first ‘4’ refers to four cyinders, whilst the ’40’ refers to 40hp.
  • NR = The first number, 7Q0076 indicates the base engine serial number and the second number KTF08030079 is the Engine Serial Number.  This is the number that is needed to enter the engine into the warranty system.
  • CODE = This is Nanni Diesel’s build number.

All engines are supported by the Silverwake Warranty policy, a copy of which is available to download.  The ‘blue’ copy of the Commissioning Voucher must be completed and returned to us and we will enter the engine’s details into the warranty system.  In the event that you should require any warranty work to be carried out then please do not hesitate to contact us or one of our many service agents around the UK.

For technical support, please contact us, and to order Nanni Diesel spare parts, please order on-line or with our parts department.

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