Steering & Controls

A R Peachment Ltd are able to supply a wide range of steering and controls to suit any application from a variety of manufacturers, namely, Lecomble & Schmitt, Teleflex Marine and Flexball.

Lecomble & Schmitt

Founded in 1944, Lecomble & Schmitt is the only French manufacturer to offer hydraulic and mechanical steering systems for pleasure boats, fishing and work crafts.
The hydraulic steering systems are able to meet the requirements of monohull and multihull-sailing boats users and are guaranteed to be an efficient, reliable and smooth system. They are easy to install and are ‘state of the art’ machine finished in materials suitable for the marine environment. All steering systems carry a 2 year warranty and are CE approved.

SeaStar Solutions® (Formerly Teleflex Marine)
SeaStar Solutions Logo Teleflex Marine Logo
Teleflex has recently become SeaStar Solutions®
Control Cables
Teleflex made it’s mark in the marine industry and in other industries through design & manufacture of push/pull control cables. The Flexatrol flexible conduit was introduced in the 1950s and in the 60s quickly established Teleflex as the leading manufacturer of marine throttle and shift control cables for both dual and single lever systems. Teleflex TFXTREME now provides the ultmate in performance and reliability.
Cable Steering
Teleflex revolutionised smal boat steering. In 1962, we introduced the Big-T cable steering system, which used a helical cable instead of the traditional rope and pulley system commonly employed. Continual improvements throughout the 60s, 70s and 80s including a new rack and pinion steering system. In 1991, Teleflex introduced No-FeedBack steering, the first cable steering system to effectively counter torque steer from powerful outboard motors. Introduced in the mid 80s, the Teleflex pioneered tilt steering for recreational boats.


Flexball Italiana, as the name suggests is based in Orbassano, Italy.  With over 50 years of experience both in the professional and pleasure boat sector, it prides itself in continually focusing on design, production, innovation and quality improvement of mechanical & electronic cables.
Flexball is essentially a flexible linear ball bearing which transfers push-pull motion from one point to another.  Its unique design allows for the efficient transmission of movement up to 8″ with maximum efficiency and minimal lost motion.  It is available in lengths up to 65 feet and can easily be routed in three dimensional installations.  Motion and load can be transmitted over even distances by coupling individual cables together.
Flexball can accommodate complex layouts with small bend radii an still achieve an efficiency rate of up to 97%.  The stainless steel inner members of the cable assure an optimum cycle life under high bending stress.  Flexball offers a cost effective and mechanically reliable alternative to complicated rod linkages and hydraulic, pneumatic, electronic or conventional cables.
Key Features:-

  • Simplified installation means substantial savings.
  • Gives the greatest efficiency – up to 97% regardless of load.
  • Does not need any servicing or upkeep.
  • Performs well at high and low temperatures.


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