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With this tiller for LS outboard cylinders, the boat can be steered from the motor.

Thanks to this function, the motor can easily be operated without having to resort to the steering wheel (for various fishing actions, anchorage, watch and emergency tiller if need be).
Equipped with a quick coupling, the tiller can be fitted and removed easily and stored in a locker.
Manufactured in stainless steel tube, its weight does not exceed 0.8 kg.

Do not use at a speed exceeding 6 knots.

Tiller system on motor lever equipped - Principle

Tiller for Outboard Motor Cylinders:
2204073 Dimension Drawing for 2204073
2200803By-pass valve for flexible tube TS Ø6 mm

2202496By-pass valve for flexible tube TS Ø6 mm
2200027By-pass valve for flexible tube Ø8 mm + recoverable nozzle