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AR Peachment Ltd are stockists of Jabsco Toilets & Bilge Pumps.  Jabsco are the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of small craft marine toilets.  All toilets can be used on inland waterways, rivers, lakes or the sea, and be installed above or below the waterline.  They are designed to discharge overboard or into holding tanks as necessary.

Manual Toilets

The ever popular manual toilets have been improved even further with stronger materials, new styling and new features. They can also be upgraded to an electric toilet.  Key features of the manual toilet include:

  • Easy to install and service & maintain.
  • Simple & clean to use.
  • Exceptional value for money.
  • Two bowl sizes.

Electric Toilets

The luxury range of electric toilets are separated into three categories – Lite Flush, Quiet Flush & Deluxe Flush electric toilets. The main features include:

  • Low noise levels.
  • Option to flush with fresh water from the boat’s own supply or with salt, river or lake water.
  • Lite Flush electric toilets have an integral rinse & waste pump system encased in a stylish housing.
  • Quiet Flush electric toilets have the pump at the rear of a narrow base and so can be installed in more narrow spaces.
  • Deluxe Flush electric toilets have domestic style bowls with all pump components hidden from view.

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