Toilets – Sanimarin SFA

A R Peachment Ltd are stockists of toilets from Sanimarin SFA.  Sanimarin SFA supplies both the public, professional and marine industry with all their sanitary equipment needs.  The range was specially designed to ensure comfort at home and at sea, and are said to be the quietest electric toilets on the market.

The technology in a Sanimarin toilet has helped build the excellent reputation of the products worldwide.  It includes a very efficient macerator as well as a powerful sewage pump.

There are five main advantages to choosing a Sanimarin system:

  • On-board Comfort Easily replaces hand pump toilets.
  • Ecology Ideal for black water treatment with a reliable eco-friendly system.
  • Quietness Sanmarin toilets are the quietest on-board toilets available.
  • Economical with Resources Very economical, both with water and electricity.
  • Solid Built Excellent macerating system patented more than 50 years ago.

Sanimarin SFA toilets are categorised into three groups, namely Confined Areas, Classic Range and Design Range.

  • Confined Areas A small bowl, with a choice of three different flushing systems is ideal for installing in the smallest space or as a replacement for a hand pump toilet.
  • Classic Range This traditional standard height toilet range combines the quality and reliability that have given Sanimarin their undisputable reputation.
  • Design Range The new SFA luxury range adds modern and innovative design to Sanimarin’s many advantages.