Why Waste Engine Heat – You’ve paid for it!

Turn your engine’s waste heat into useful domestic hot water with a C-Warm Calorifier.  Made in the UK and fitted as standard by leading UK and European boat builders, C-Warm heaters are designed for use at system pressure up to 3 bar (44 psi).  Maximum recommended pump cut-out pressure in 2.5 bar (36 psi).

Heating time from cold is approximately 20 to 30 minutes for a full tank of hot water.  Useful amounts of hot water are available within a few minutes of starting the engine.

Polyurethane-insulated for high heat retention, C-Warm heaters are available in stock sizes from 18 to 78 litres (4  to 16 gallons) with a choice of installation and control accessories.

Calorifiers and Water Storage – What’s the difference?

NONE – ‘Calorifier’ is a word borrowed from industrial process heating, meaning a water vessel containing a heat exchanger (such as a coiled pipe)  though which steam or hot water passes, giving up its heat to the water contained in the vessel.

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Calorifier - CWB18h


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