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UK Exclusive Distributor for Lofrans Windlasses

A R Peachment have partnered Lofrans and their Windlass Product Range of vertical, horizontal, capstan and mega yacht soltions for many years; offering sales, installation and after care support for the UK market. In 2013 we were awarded the role of UK exclusive Distributor – a Partnership we are very proud of.

The space available above and under the deck is the primary element to be considered when selecting the proper type of anchor windlass.

Vertical Windlasses

Visit the Lofrans Website to see the full product range of Vertical Windlasses 

Vertical anchor windlass features a vertical rotation in relation to the deck which allows a reduced volume above deck as the electric motor and the gear box are sitting in the chain locker.

Also keep in mind that the height between the top of the stacked chain and the underdeck must be 300 mm minimum in order to ensure a fast dropping of the chain in the locker and an optimum performance of the windlass.​

The X & SX vertical windlass range series is designed to provide anchoring solutions for sail and motor boats from 18 to 100 feet. The X series as standard, comes in mirror polished marine bronze produced by hot forging and it is made up by the following models: X1, X2, X3, X4 and Ercole Vertical. All X series windlasses are available in standard version with drum and in low profile version. The SX Series is the new, round base vertical windlass and consists of the models SX1, SX2, SX3, SX3.5, SX4 and SX5. The SX Series is constructed with marine stainless steel AISI 316L to make sure the windlass is corrosion free. In addition the round base designs offers a more compact structure. All SX series windlasses are available in standard version with drum and in low profile version, except the SX1 (only low profile). All models are available in different motorization to meet all customers’ requirements. The ranges X4 to Ercole Vertical, from X Series, and SX4 to SX5, from SX Series, have been designed to be installed in yachts with a length of more that 55ft. These yachts require well-designed professional equipment, with a high mechanical performance and a high level of reliability. With a purpose-built gearbox design, giving them top performance in terms of maximum pull and speed, these models are a reference point in their category. Lofrans’ has achieved an excellent reputation for these specific anchor windlasses, which are installed on the most prestigious yachts throughout the world.

Horizontal Windlasses

Visit the Lofrans Website to see the full product range of Horizontal Windlasses

The range of horizontal anchor windlasses are suitable for boats from 18 up to 150 feet offering the best performance and functionality, when there is adequate deck space or if the chain locker has limited size or accessibility.They are simple to use, reliable, with their classic and timeless style making them perfect for many vessels, especially for the charter business.

Material and finish, marine grade aluminium alloy: Our horizontal anchor windlasses are produced by using marine glade aluminium alloy. The body is polished and anodised. Most of the components are made by hot forging. The horizontal models are available as the standard version, in anodised aluminium. Some models are available with a painted white polyester coating.

High performance motors: The horizontal windlasses’ electric motors have been designed to supply high torque in all working conditions. They are available in 12 or 24 Volt DC current and 230-240 V three phase AC current. Most of the motors have an IP66 rating with a galvanized body painted with a polyester coating. Our electric motors are specified to provide the necessary power for a long run. They are also designed to operate in high speed, so as to reduce the operations time. Titan, Ercole and Super Ercole are also available in hydraulic motor versions.

Lofrans’ gearboxes: Most of our horizontal windlasses use a Lofrans-made high efficiency worm screw gearbox. It is non-reversible with the gears produced with specific material able to withstand high-load strain. All gearboxes are oil lubricated in order to minimize the working noise. The models for superior boats use a special Lofrans planetary- worm screw gearbox which allows them to have a high efficiency to dimension ratio.

Manual override: Most of the Lofrans horizontal windlasses are supplied with manual override which makes the windlass capable of chain recovery in the case of electrical failure. The manual override has the secondary function to provide a safety mechanism so that chain jams do not damage the deck.

Independent drum from the Gypsy: Horizontal models give the choice of utilizing the drum for warping operations independently from the Gypsy.

Automatic free fall: Models KOBRA and CAYMAN 88 can be optionally supported with the installation of a device named AUTOMATIC FREE FALL. This device allows the disengaging of the cluch, automatically, by pushing the ”Down” button of the remote control unit. Disengaging the cluch, the Gypsy rotates freely and the weight of the anchor releases the chain into the water.

Rope and chain management: Models DORADO and ATLAS are able to manage rope and chain with the use of a special spring loaded tention arm called finger, which pushes the rope deeply inside the Gypsy teeth.

CUSTOM PRODUCT: Models TITAN, ERCOLE and SUPER ERCOLE are available in six versions in order to meet all customer requirements.


Visit the Lofrans Website to see the full product range of Lofrans Capstans

The range of Lofrans capstans is designed for boats from 18 up to 150 feet. Capstans are normally installed on the stern of the boat for mooring operations and are used in recreational, fishing and commercial vessels.

They are normally installed on the vessel in addition to the anchor windlass, with the number of capstan units depending on the length and displacement of the vessel.

They are controlled by a pair of the foot switches close to the capstan, so that the operator can have his/her hands free for rope handling.

The construction is very similar to our vertical windlass range using the same mechanical components, giving strength and high performance by relying on Lofrans’- made worm screw gearbox.

The base is manufactured using chromed bronze, strong and long lasting, as are the drums, which have the proper surface to hold the rope and minimize wear.

The ST range has a base & a drum made in mirror polished AISI 316L stainless steel. The main structure of the gearbox is of a strong single-block construction, same as our big vertical anchor windlasses.

Available to operate with 12V DC, 24V DC as well as AC or hydraulic motors for the larger size/higher power models, they are designed to meet a wide range of user requirements.

Mega Yachts Solution

Visit the Lofrans Website to see the full product range of Mega Yacht Solutions


Main Features:

  • Fully customised for all parts to fit your needs
  • Independent operation of gypsy and capstan
  • High torque planetary gearbox
  • 42mm stud-link chain 12.000kgs max. pull
  • AC or HYD high torque latest generation motors for all marine conditions

The ZEUS series is made up by the following models: ZEUS 5500, ZEUS 7500, ZEUS 9500 and ZEUS 12000

ZEUS Range 5500kg up to 12000kg

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