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Combi Hybrid

The unique Combi Hybrid model offers a dual fuel solution giving the customer a combination of a long-trusted combustion engine and new clean quiet running. With the Combi Motor generating power to charge the batteries when running on conventional engine power.

Why Hybrid

Combining two types of propulsion system you can benefit from clean quite cruising and the knowledge you can get home on a more powerful engine power should weather change for the worse.
The combi Hybrid is suitable for virtually every boat, the system can be fitted to many types of diesels and virtually any propeller shaft.

The combi system is compact and practical the water-cooled motors can be fitted to many different engines such as Nanni, Yanmar and volvo using our standard bracket kits. Top quality parts are used to construct the brushless virtually maintenance free motor.

The combi Hybrids design allows it to run at the same speed as the existing engine. While under engine power the Combi motor generates power to recharge the battery pack. The Combi Hybrids Plug and play system and compact design make it easy to install.

ProductVoltageRevsPowerMotor TypeBracket or SKID
Combi HYBRID 6.0 kW48 VDC2780 rpm14 HPBK400ACABRACKET
Combi HYBRID 10 kW48 VDC2500 rpm23 HPBK400IPMSKID
Combi HYBRID 15 kW48 VDC2500 rpm33 HPBK600IPMSKID
Combi HYBRID 25 kW48 VDC2500 rpm50 HPBK600IPMSKID
Combi HYBRID 50 kW144 VDC2500 rpm90 HPBK600IPMSKID
Skid or Bracket