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Lasdrop Marine Shaft Seals

Clean. Dry. Reliable.

Both mechanical face seals, and lip seal options available, suitable for both recreational leisure craft and commercial vessels.
45 plus years of experience, Lasdrop offer the highest quality shaft seals on the market. Available in both metric and imperial sizing up to 6 Inch as standard, with bespoke solutions available on request.

Mechanical Shaft Seals

The Generation 2 shaft seal incorporates a unique ball-bearing drive system that allows the seal ring to “float” and remain in constant contact with the carbon graphite seal surface, ensuring the seal is watertight.

Pressure Housing -vs- Bellows Hose. The Gen2 shaft seal creates compression via an innovative pressure housing, eliminating the need for a bellows hose. This pressure housing is far longer lasting when compared to a bellows design, resulting in less maintenance over the life of the seal.

Integrated Bearing Design. An integrated water lubricated bearing allows the seal body to follow the shaft ensuring proper face seal alignment. Note: ALL Lasdrop bearing housings have tolerances within 0.001. The integrated bearing allows the seal body to self-align following the shaft.

Integrated Clamping System. The Gen2 pressure housing secures to the shaft through a simple integrated clamping system. This eliminates the need for set screws – which can lead to damage of the shaft & slippage after their first use leading to a less secure and stable seal.

Sizing. Shaft seal Diameter from 1” to 5” (25mm to 100mm), Stern tube 1 3/4“ to 8” (45mm to 178mm). Bespoke sizes available on request.

Key Features
  • The Gen II uses a 316-marine grade stainless steel spring to provide pressure to the seal surfaces. Together, the spring and seal ring rotate along with the shaft and remain secured in the Clamp/Pressure housing.
  • The Clamp/Pressure housing is secured to the shaft without the use of set screws preventing galling or damage to the shaft.
  • Dual u-cup seals, which also rotate on the shaft, are seated inside of the seal ring, and prevent the passage of water to this point.
  • The friction ring assembly is constructed from a durable copolymer housing protecting the carbon graphite friction ring and incorporates a water lubricated bearing maintaining correct alignment to the shaft.
  • Each kit includes AWAB hose clamps that are manufactured from 316 stainless steel with rolled band edges to eliminate risk of damage to the hose. The non-perforated band provides twice the tensile strength of a regular clamp.
  • All units have dual water injection ports including necessary hardware.

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Seal Diagram

Lip Seal Shaft Seals

Two lip seal shaft seal options are available, Lasdrop DrySeal & Lasdrop EliteSeal. Both variants us a Nitrile lip seal, made specifically for marine use, it is in constant low friction contact with the propeller shaft, preventing water from passing into your vessel. Both models incorporatee a water lubricated alignment bearing in the housing to keep the unit properly aligned with the shaft.
Both options have a unique split face plate design enabling the lip seal to be changed without the need to remove the shaft or entire unit, reducing maintenance time and costs when seals need replacement.

The Lasdrop EliteSeal has an additional compartment that is secured to the housing that can hold two spare lipseals (1 spare comes with the shaft seal) safeguarding them from damage.
Sizing. Shaft seal Diameter from 3/4” to 6” (20mm to 145mm), Stern tube 1 3/4“ to 10” (38mm to 203mm). Bespoke sizes available on request.

Key Features
  • A split-face plate makes it easy to replace the inner lip seal without the need for special installation tools.
  • An optional back-up seal can rotate freely on the shaft until replacement is needed.
  • The seal housing is constructed from durable copolymer with built in water lubricated bearing, insuring proper alignment to the shaft.
  • Each kit includes AWAB hose clamps that are constructed of 316 stainless steel with rolled band edges to eliminate risk of damage to the hose. The non-perforated band provides twice the tensile strength of a regular clamp.
  • All units have dual water injection ports including necessary hardware.
  • EliteSeal has Seal case encompassing a back-up seal that rotates freely on the shaft until replacement is needed.


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ARP Hybrid System

The ARP Integrated Hybrid System

This Hybrid System was launched in September 2021, combines with a diesel engine of up to 115HP and has been designed to ensure that it can be easily fitted to a Nanni engine initially or as a later option.

The Hybrid System is based on the principles of a generator. The motor/generator is inserted between the engine and the transmission. It has three principal functions, traditional engine drive, electric drive and regeneration. When in diesel mode the engine drives the propeller through the transmission and enables the hybrid system to re-charge the battery bank. When switched to electric propulsion mode the transmission is driven by the electric motor powered from the charged battery bank. Seamlessly integrating the diesel engine with an electric motor. A display screen provides information on the electrical consumption/recharge and remaining power.


Key Benefits

The main advantages to the ARP Hybrid System include:

  • Significant reduction in engine hours (depending on application)
  • Environmentally friendly, silent and comfortable in electric mode with zero emissions.
  • Comfortable navigation and fuel efficient in electrical mode with total control while cruising at low speeds.
  • Easy to control in electric and diesel mode with a shared single lever control.
  • Low maintenance – coupled between the engine flywheel and gearbox (No bracket adjustments, or belts)
  • Easy to switch between electric and diesel mode as required, for example, in strong winds and tidal conditions.
  • Safe – in the event of an electric drive failure the diesel engine option can still be used.
  • Propeller regeneration when sailing.
  • Reliable water cooled generator / motor.
  • Automatic recharging of the batteries in diesel mode, giving maximum cruising range.
  • 10Kw/1200rpm – 48V DC System

In traditional diesel engine mode the hybrid generator unit charges the electric propulsion battery bank

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Fig1 ARP Hybrid

In electric propulsion mode the hybrid motor unit drives the transmission via the electric propulsion battery bank

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Fig2 ARP Hybrid

Combi Hybrid Systems

Combi Hybrid

The unique Combi Hybrid model offers a dual fuel solution giving the customer a combination of a long-trusted combustion engine and new clean quiet running. With the Combi Motor generating power to charge the batteries when running on conventional engine power.

Why Hybrid

Combining two types of propulsion system you can benefit from clean quite cruising and the knowledge you can get home on a more powerful engine power should weather change for the worse.
The combi Hybrid is suitable for virtually every boat, the system can be fitted to many types of diesels and virtually any propeller shaft.

The combi system is compact and practical the water-cooled motors can be fitted to many different engines such as Nanni, Yanmar and volvo using our standard bracket kits. Top quality parts are used to construct the brushless virtually maintenance free motor.

The combi Hybrids design allows it to run at the same speed as the existing engine. While under engine power the Combi motor generates power to recharge the battery pack. The Combi Hybrids Plug and play system and compact design make it easy to install.

ProductVoltageRevsPowerMotor TypeBracket or SKID
Combi HYBRID 6.0 kW48 VDC2780 rpm14 HPBK400ACABRACKET
Combi HYBRID 10 kW48 VDC2500 rpm23 HPBK400IPMSKID
Combi HYBRID 15 kW48 VDC2500 rpm33 HPBK600IPMSKID
Combi HYBRID 25 kW48 VDC2500 rpm50 HPBK600IPMSKID
Combi HYBRID 50 kW144 VDC2500 rpm90 HPBK600IPMSKID
Skid or Bracket

Combi E-Propulsion Systems

Founded in 1979 in the picturesque waterside town of Giethoorn (known to some as the Venice of the Netherlands) with a mission to supply hire vessels with environmentally friendly propulsion. 4 decades later hundreds of Combi electric motors power boats, carrying thousands of tourists and locals navigating the beautiful waterways of the town daily.
In recent years Combi expanded into a Larger modern production facility just a few kilometers away from Giethoorn in Vollenhove (The Netherlands).
Combi’s dedication to high quality and specially developed marine electric drive systems has helped them to reach the position of one of the leading international suppliers of high-performance propulsion solutions for the maritime market. They are an innovative company specializing in the development of green power systems for all types of vessels.
Combi started out producing electric outboards, gaining experience in the field they steadily expanded the range to include inboard motors. A wide range of both air and liquid cooled electric motors of 5KW-50KW are available. All are developed in house, Combi know what is important for the customer. Their systems are easy to install, plug and play, practical in use and compact.

A Combi system in your boat is not only virtually silent there is also very little vibration and therefore is wonderfully comfortable when sailing with a Combi motor.



Combi Inboard 3,5 kW AC AC 1

Why Combi Inboard

All kinds of watercraft have been built over the past 75 years with an internal combustion engine in mind for its propulsion. Now with green options playing a big part of the present and future, Combi Marine and A R Peachment are able to help customers through all stages of the conversion journey, tailoring solutions to replace any engine in any vessel.

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We also provide complete systems for new builds be they leisure, charter or commercial vessels. We’re able to help all our customers reap the benefits of modern electric drive systems. Combi systems can be fitted to virtually any existing shaft and propeller installation.
Combi systems are compact in their construction with many components self-contained within the motor. Cable connections are plug and play for ease of use. Motor comes ready to mount for ease of installation.
A Combi system brings with it the cost saving benefits of no high fuel prices, maintenance costs are minimal and systems are long lasting, all of this along with being environmentally friendly.


Combi motors come in a variety of options including AC A-synchronic motors in both air and liquid cooled versions and BLDC PM Motors. Each have their own benefits depending on the required situation. All motors can be used as a direct drive for silent comfortable cruising. We are always happy to advise you in deciding the best option for needs.

Easy Installation

Combi’s inboard motors are compact for easy installation. The flexible mounts allows for fitting on most engine beds. Cooling systems are available for both fresh and salt water. All Combi systems come with plug and play electrical connections.


AC Air Cooled – Inboard Systems for Vessels of 4 – 8 Meter

Article NumberProductRoundsVoltagePowerCoolingControl BoxMotor Type
300.900.003Combi Inboard 3,5 KW | 48 Vdc1450 rpm48 VDC9 HPAir CooledBK200ACA
300.900.005Combi Inboard 5,0 KW | 48 Vdc1200 rpm48 VDC12 HPAir CooledBK200ACA

AC Liquid Cooled – Inboard Systems for Vessels of 6 – 15 Meter

Article NumberProductRoundsVoltagePowerCoolingControl BoxMotor Type
300.901.005Combi Inboard 5 KW | 48 Vdc1200 rpm48 VDC12 HPLiquid CooledBK400ACA
300.901.007Combi Inboard 7.5 KW | 48 Vdc1420 rpm48 VDC15 HPLiquid CooledBK400ACA
300.901.010Combi Inboard 10 KW | 48 Vdc1420 rpm48 VDC23 HPLiquid CooledBK400ACA
300.901.015Combi Inboard 15 KW | 48 Vdc1420 rpm48 VDC33 HPLiquid CooledBK400 (2x)ACA
300.901.020Combi Inboard 20 KW | 48 Vdc1420 rpm48 VDC44 HPLiquid CooledBK400 (2x)ACA

IPM Liquid Cooled – Inboard Systems for Vessels of 6 – 25 Meter

Article NumberProductRoundsVoltagePowerCoolingControl BoxMotor Type
300.903.006Combi Inboard IPM 6 KW | 48 Vdc1450 rpm48 VDC14 HPLiquid CooledBK400IPM
300.903.010Combi Inboard IPM 10 KW | 48 Vdc1450 rpm48 VDC23 HPLiquid CooledBK400IPM
300.903.015Combi Inboard IPM 15 KW | 48 Vdc1450 rpm48 VDC33 HPLiquid CooledBK600IPM
300.903.020Combi Inboard IPM 20 KW | 48 Vdc1450 rpm48 VDC44 HPLiquid CooledBK600IPM
300.903.025Combi Inboard 25 KW | 48 Vdc2500 rpm48 VDC50 HPLiquid CooledBK600IPM
300.903.026Combi Inboard 25 KW | 96 Vdc1450 rpm96 VDC50 HPLiquid CooledBK600IPM
300.903.040Combi Inboard 40 KW | 96 Vdc1550 rpm96 VDC80 HPLiquid CooledBK600IPM
300.903.050Combi Inboard 50 KW | 144 Vdc2500 rpm144 VDC90 HPLiquid CooledBK600IPM
300.903.051Combi Inboard 50 KW | 144 Vdc800 rpm144 VDC90 HPLiquid CooledBK600IPM
300.903.052Combi Inboard 50 KW | 144 Vdc3650 rpm144 VDC90 HPLiquid CooledBK600IPM



Combi E Thruster
Outboard Combi

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Robustness and reliability are the key features of the Combi E-Thruster. Long term use is at the heart of their hydrodynamic design, these thrusters are tough and highly efficient. Asynchronous AC and synchronous brushless PM motors are used in the range giving a low maintenance user friendly and highly variable product.

Long and short shaft options are available in both standard outboard and tiller steered versions of this smooth silent propulsion unit.

Why Combi E Thruster

Whether you are looking for tiller or remote steering Combi E-Thrusters offer the ideal solution.
Combi E-Thrusters are extremely quiet, these near silent outboards allow you to enjoy the sounds of the water and nature around you may otherwise miss when motoring. Cruising with Combi is sailing without the worry of producing harmful co2 emissions.

With Combis optimised design of the latest motor and systems technologies their outboards offer high efficiency at low power. Brushless motors are used keeping maintenance to a minimum.

Simple and Robust to Use

Combi produce their product in house and closely manage the development of the outboard thrusters, keeping good control over quality and durability of their engines. The thrusters are robustly built to withstand the everyday rigor of charter and commercial markets. Whilst also providing a long-lasting product in a leisure setting.

Standard or Tiller Version

Combi’s E-Thruster is available in two models the standard outboard and the tiller version. All components are within the housing of the standard outboard whilst the tiller version has a remote mounted control box; this unit is ideal for installation within an engine well. The combi designed mechanical throttle fitted to the out board can not be rotated out of position and is durable enough to withstand heavy use.

Combi 500

Robust and Reliable For More Than 40 Years

The combi 500s pictured was first produced in 1981and is still in service today. For the past 40 years this unit has racked up over 900hrs a season getting close to 40,000 hrs of work.

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Remote Steering

Remote Steering

If you are looking for and electric out board suitable of matching up with your existing remote steering set up then look no further. Combi provide a special fitting kit for just this type of installation.

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Combi’s robust and heavy-duty E-thruster range is available in 1-3.5 kw.
All available either short or long shaft. 24 and 48volt dc motors are used depending on unit size. Tilt function is also available.

Comparable OBM (thrust)4 Hp5 Hp6 Hp7 Hp8 Hp9 Hp
Shaftlength (Short/Long/XL)405 / 525 /565 mm406 / 525 /565 mm407 / 525 /565 mm408 / 525 /565 mm409 / 525 /565 mm410 / 525 /565 mm
Remote controlOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Monitoring (BDI)OptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Eco mode (2 positions)OptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional

Technical Specifications

Voltage (Vdc)242448484848
Power (W)100015002000250030003500
Round per Minute (RPM)105013501150150010501310
Nom. Current (A)426342526373
Current at Cruising speed (A)304030354050
Propeller diameter (mm)210220220240240240
Powercable (mm2)252535355050



As with all combi products the pods are typically durable, reliable, and efficiently designed. Built to last and provide maximum performance.
Using either asynchronous AC or synchronous brushless PM motors the Combi Nautic line are user friendly, low maintenance and easy to install. Fixed pod sail drive or steerable pod versions are available, for a silent boating experience. Custom options such as such as fitting the motor within a rudder blade is also possible.

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Why Combi Nautic

Supplied with control box and a side mounting joystick as standard the Combi Nautic is an ideal solution for anybody looking for a pod engine. Ready made plug and play packages are supplied for easy installation with no need for extensive technical know-how.
Silent environmentally friendly boating is a reality with Combi Nautic.
Extremely quiet, very low maintenance and highly efficient Combi pods can transform a vessel with a combustion engine in to a whisper quiet boat.

Unique Features

Hydrodynamic design, robust materials and brushless motors across all motors in the range make the Combi Nautic low maintenance, highly efficient, powerful and long lasting. Seawater resistant stainless connectors are used for extra durability.

Pod Diagram

Combi Nautic pods come with stepless speed control to manage the advanced power electronics. Integrated front to back switching in the joystick means all functions can be used with a single hand.
Systems are supplied prebuilt.
All necessary drawings can be provided to help you prepare for installation.
Full support is offered for self-installation.

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Sail Drive or Steerable

Available in two types:
The Sail Drive POD is fixed mount and is to be used with a rudder. Or for high manoeuvrability the Nautic Steerable POD. The steerable POD version can be controlled by tiller or a steering system and mounted in the rudder trunk.

Sail Drive Fixed Pod

Compact in size, the POD is a powerful solution in a robust casing. The external control box can be fitted in any boat and is available with or without an aluminium mounting plate. Systems are plug and play following the Combi easy connection philosophy.
Customised solutions for catamarans or vessels requiring twin drives are available.

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Available in capacities ranging from 700watts to 3.5KW and battery voltages of 24 and 48volts DC depending on the motor.

Comparable OBM (thrust)4 Hp5 Hp6 Hp7 Hp8 Hp9 Hp
Monitoring (BDI)OptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Eco mode (2 positions)OptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional

Technical Specifications

Voltage (Vdc)242448484848
Power (W)100015002000250030003500
Round per Minute (RPM)105013501150150010501310
Nom. Current (A)426342526373
Current at Cruising speed (A)304030354050
Propeller diameter (mm)210220220240240240
Powercable (mm2)252535355050