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Compact Retract – Main Features

Designed for yachts from 9 to 16 metres (30-52’). This lightweight electric retractable thruster, the first of its kind, has been a major success with shipyards from the start. The compact retract is delivered complete with grey joystick, control system cable and support.

  • Lightweight composite construction.
  • Lowest profile and smallest hull opening on market.
  • Bolted onto flange, not directly laminated into the hull.
  • Rapid deployment.
  • No exposed moving parts inside yacht.
  • Splash resistant inside yacht.
  • Intelligent position detection
Electric Retractable Thruster - COMPACT RETRACT

Technical Information

31782112V70(kg) / 154(lbs)'24.79(kw) / 6.4(hp)40(kg)555(mm)388(mm)385(mm)185(mm)241(mm)
31782224V85(kg) / 187(lbs)25.28(kw) / 7.1(hp)40(kg)555(mm)388(mm)385(mm)185(mm)241(mm)