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CT 35 – Main Features

• Patented composite drive legs
• Zero maintenance
• Case hardened spiro-conical gears
• Line shields
• Purpose-built DC motors
• Electronic control boxes for unrivaled safety features
• Safe, high-power connections
• Purpose-built DC contactors with high specifications

Product Information

Manufactured using composite materials, the CT35 is a single propeller thruster with a 125mm diameter tunnel and thrust rating up to 35/75 (kg/lbs).

The smallest in the Max Power electric tunnel thruster range, the CT35 is ideally suited to motor boats and deep footed sailing yachts that are between 17’-34′.

Like all Max Power electric tunnel thrusters, the CT35 is easy to install, maintenance free, and integrates all the unique features common to this range. 

CT 35 Electric Tunnel Thruster

Technical Information

4252912V35(kg) / 77(lbs)12.69(kw) / 3.6(hp)9.6(kg)190(mm)140(mm)210(mm)125(mm)4 - 5(mm)