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Electro-Hydraulic Steering System with Double Cylinder

Depending on the configuration of the steering system – single or double steering station – the boat will be equipped with one or two electric wheels. It can also be equipped with an optional joystick.

Single Steering StationDouble Steering Station
2203287540° Electric Wheel12

Torque in kgm 180296505
Cylinder + Sensor2203810 / 22038112203874 / 22038752203437 / 2203876
Hydraulic Power Pack 12 Vcc220379022038732203873
Hydraulic Power Pack 24 Vcc220387222038042203804
Tiller Arm220330622033072203308
Electrical Harness / Hydraulic Piping: in function of the steering system setup

Example of a Steering System Setup
Specifications of the steering system: 280 kgm rudder torque – Single steering station + 1 joystick – Voltage available: single-phase 24 Vcc
Parts to select:
1 x 540° Electric Wheel2203287
1 x Joystick2201143
1 x Cylinder + Linear Sensor2203874
1 x Cylinder + Reversed Linear Sensor2203875
1 x Hydraulic Power Pack 9 L/mn 24 Vcc2203804
2 x Tiller Arms2203307
1 x Electrical harnessLengths to be determined
1 x Hydraulic pipingLengths to be determined