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2200075 VHM 40 DTP
Maximum torque84 kpm620 ft.lbs
Stroke204 mm8″
Maximum pressure50 bars725 PSI
Volume191 cc11.6
Radius of tiller arm180 mm7 3/32″
Total rudder angle70°
Weight3.4 kg7.5 lbs
Dimension Drawing for 2200075

2200075 Cylinder

Accessories for VHM 40 DTP
2200068Set of straight fittings 1/4 BSPP for flexible tube Ø 10 mm
2200049Set of flexible tube and fittings 1/4 BSPP Ø 10 mm
2200070Flexible tube Ø 10 mm (per metre)
2200067By-pass for Ø 10 mm flexible tube
2200045By-pass for Ø 10 mm inflexible tube
2200499Tiller arm LS 75P + screws & bolts