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Electric Wheel

2203295Screen Display
Dimensions Drawing for 2203295

The screen display allows for Human-Machine Interface (HMI) and communication with the logic controller in order to modify the selected settings. Without screen, it is only possible to communicate with the logic controller by the attendance of a qualified programmer.

The screen display offers four configuration modules:

  • HMI (Human-Machine Interface) for the settings
  • Visualization
  • Diagnosis
  • Manual steering control

The HMI module gives direct access to the selection settings for the transmitters and cylinders by activation or deactivation; it makes it possible to act on the parallelism of the cylinders by increments on the boat steering, etc. With a private code (secret code), it also gives access to additional settings such as zero relative bearing, adjustment of the transmitters response angle, maximum rudder angles, lock to lock speed adjustments, decelerations, etc.

The visualization module allows viewing the rudder angles and parallelisms in real-time. It also displays the maintenance schedule of some elements in the system (oil change, filter replacement…) and conveys the alarms (oil level, temperature, filter clogging…) in the form of graphic and/or buzzer.

The diagnosis module allows carrying out a global inspection before starting by testing individual elements in order to identify and isolate the possible failure of a system component and it verifies the supply voltage in real time.

The manual steering control module makes it possible to steer the boat via the display screen keys, thus a substitute for the transmitters.