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VIP 250 HYD – Main Features

  • Retract to leave smooth hull lines
  • When deployed, ideal immersion depth is achieved
  • Water-resistant
  •  Allow ideal weight distribution
  •  Ideal for high performance yachts
  •  Unique patented thrust plate design (VIP)
  •  Unique patented folding movement (RetractTM)
  •  Case hardened spiro-conical gears
  •  Lightweight design
Hydraulic Retractable Thruster VIP 250 HYD


When performance is paramount, hydraulic retractable thrusters provide a perfect solution. Lightweight, powerful and allowing near perfect weight distribution, designers and prestigious yards have consistently trusted MAX POWER thrusters over the years. MAX POWER offers two product ranges in this family: the vertically retractable VIP HYD range and the top end RetractTM foldable series.

Technical Information

31770524V200 / 441 (kg/lbs)213.5 (kw) 37 (kg)360360620250950295