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Westerly Repowering

We have repowered many Konsorts over the years. Some customers have installed themselves and others by Dealers. We have also fitted some remotely as well as on our site .

This autumn we installed engines into a Konsort and a Longbow on our site at the same time. The Konsort had an ageing Volvo 2003 23Hp engine replaced with a new Nanni model N3.30 and a TMC60A gearbox. This proved to be a perfect choice providing a very smooth and quieter operation at all rpm. Both handling and boat speed was greatly enhanced over the original and provided the customer with 100% satisfaction.

The Longbow had a Volvo MD3B 37HP engine replaced with a Nanni N4.38 engine and a TMC60 gearbox, giving the customer a much improved boat experience with a marked noise and vibration reduction. Speed and handling improved as well – making this a perfect package for anyone looking to upgrade their Longbow.

Before – Volvo 23hp

After – Nanni N3.30